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To help get my friend back on her feet after surgery and treatment for breast cancer

by Helen Goring in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

One of my best friends found out 3 years ago she had breast cancer.
It is a story that is sadly all too familiar - life as she knew it changed beyond recognition. The savings she'd worked so hard for following her divorce dwindled away over the course of a year, while she took the time off work for surgery and chemo.

The came the great news - life could go back to normal, but what is normal? Normal used to mean working full time in a job she could do with ease. It didn't involve the constant aching bones - a side effect of the drugs she still takes daily. It didn't involve not having full use of her arm and it certainly didn't involve becoming so easily tired. All of these things will ease with time, but she needed to go back to work to support herself financially, as she doesn't have a partner to subsidise her income. After a year working full time again, it became clear it was too much. Reluctantly, she has dropped to a 4 day week - whilst she physically feels the benefit, it's having a huge effect on her finances.

My friend has no idea I'm doing this and will not doubt be furious if/when she finds out. She would hate for anyone to pity her or feel sorry for her. However, I  would just like for money to be something she doesn't need to worry about.

So, I would like to raise £4,000 for my friend as a financial safety net so that she can continue working a 4 day week for another year until she is properly well enough and fit enough to return to 5 days. This money will just help with the day to day living costs (nothing extravagant) and give her the peace of mind she lacks at the moment.

I know it will be greatly appreciated

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