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To bring fitness classes to the community, get people healthy and united in community to save lives

by Robyn Eede in

My God given dream is to bring health and fitness into my local community, to then bring this nationally. I want to run public fitness classes to get the community united. The reason this is so much on my heart is because every week in the UK 85 males sadly take their lives to Suicide. This is not acceptable so I want to start preventing this by getting people out of the house to unite together as a community to support each other. 

To kick start this project I first need a fitness qualification. I wanted to start these fitness classes straight away but have some obstacles... I need to get insurance to get the permit to legally be allowed to run the classes. And to get insurance I need a level 2 Fitness Instructing qualification. 

However, since recently graduating from University in Clinical Nutrition I'm out of funds from being a student and want to get this off the ground but also need to start earning. 

The fitness classes will also lead on to health coaching people and getting the community healthy in all aspects of their life, whilst spreading the word of God. Running cooking classes and nutrition education events. I believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and unity in community will help reduce these shocking statistics. I could also start running Worship Workouts in my local churches to bring people together to have fun and praise God whilst getting our bodies fit. 

I also have big plans to create national Health Hubs where people can feel full known, fully loved, fully understood, to de-stress and relax like a Spa with mindfulness classes, prayer rooms, healthy meals together, making friends whilst also receiving health coaching, fitness classes and counseling. This will be a crowdfunder in the future. Your support for this will help me towards my big dreams to help people on a large scale. 

I do hope you feel the passion I feel toward bringing heaven to earth and every penny will be very much appreciated and so many lives will thank you. 

God bless. 


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