Fund Louie's college education

Fund Louie's college education

Louie is a 17 year old who is passionate about music production and becoming a climate research scientist, but lacks funding. More informa..

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My name is Louie Ablett, I'm 17 and I am studying at the  J Krishnamurthi school Brockwood Park School in Hampshire, southern England. I love the school and all the people there, as Brockwood Park is a very unique place which offers international students the place to study in a friendly, open environment, set in the countryside near Winchester.


It is a boarding school, with a communal ethos. The school was set up by J Krishnamurti, an Indian speaker, writer and philosophist, who studied the matters of humankind. He brings a respect for all spiritual beliefs, and profound honesty to a vibrant education. I am really passionate about this college, as it so unique in what it can offer. 

I would love to spend two academic years there, to do my A level qualifications. I chose it over all other colleges because the teachers are brilliant, and willing to help you in any way they can. Many students have gone on to have successful careers, while many teachers and mature students have a remarkable variety of contacts in amazing places, enabling the student to constantly expand their horizons, become increasingly inspired and see what they're working for, and also to gain insight into what they are passionate about.

Who am I and what do I want to achieve?

I am very ambitious, with my sights set on a career in the Music Industry. I like to produce, as well as make mixes, and play the drum kit and in the past have played the piano, which nowadays really helps when I compose progressions and melodies, the drums helping to construct a solid rhythm. I hope to earn success thus creating and discovering new music styles, and by touring my music.

I additionally hope to work with Greenpeace as an activist and eventually a  Climate Research Scientist later on in the future. I always dreamed as a child of saving what everyone can see we are losing on the planet, and serving the future generations of animals and plants, including our own race, by working in the front line of change making, and help to convince governments to change their destructive, old fashioned, trade-not-planet viewpoint. I think I will help to shift this fatal oversight that without a healthy and fully operational planet we are nothing. As an example, housing and immigration won't matter if we don't deal with Climate Change and habitat destruction right now.

My other interests include politics, economics, wildlife photography, photo and video editing, playing basketball and tennis and going for long bike rides and walks.

What does Brockwood Park offer?

There are many musicians in the form of teachers, mature students and fellow alumni which I bounce my ideas and inspiration off, several people having international fame in their art form, experience from within different parts of the music industry and label world, Brockwood Park offering multiple workspaces for me to create music, including a studio equipped with state of the art recording and mixing equipment.

Brockwood Park also has excellent lab facilities, with very experienced and well qualified science teachers which enables me to study Chemistry and Biology AS, which I hope to be able to continue at A2 level next year, if I have enough money to return. I did very well at GCSE with both Chemistry and Biology, and I am aiming for A's (the highest grade at AS level) at the end of this academic year. I know it's not at all just about grades, but I want to be in a position where if/when I need a degree for a certain job as a scientist that I'll have some good A Levels which I can rely on. My science is supported by a good higher GCSE level of Maths, English, and both core and additional sciences with my own genuine interest and near-perpetual curiosity and questioning nature.

Brockwood Park has a beautiful art barn, half of the upstairs of which is dedicated graphic design and video editing. Given the nature of my laptop-based music production, coupled with my enjoyment of video editing, photo editing relating to creating music artwork, posters or editing a nice image of a friend for them, I am freely permitted to use the beautiful space which is my preferred space to work in (as it feels so ambient, creative and has amazing views of the rest of the school, the vegetable gardens and surrounding fields).

I am also studying A level Spanish, as, again, I did well at this in school and wish to continue to master the language. For me it's important to speak at the very least 1 other language as I feel very arrogant always expecting others to speak my language. There are many Spanish natives, Spanish speakers and language students like myself that are able to help me with the course which I am taking predominantly by myself, with 2 hours a week of guided lessons. Brockwood Park has such an amazing and unique atmosphere due to the fact it is international, allowing you to practice speaking Spanish over lunch with many many people.

What I allude to is that Brockwood is a very organic, special place for education of every type, from academic to building a balanced / well rounded and adaptable person. It is where one makes many lifelong, special connections with many people from around the world (I could name 20 different nationalities off the top of my head), as although the number students is only in double digits many guests and visitors pass through every week alone, resulting in that there are always new faces. And the people at Brockwood always have more to them than meet the eye, I've learned. The students mostly come from rich backgrounds of successful families which own this company or the branch of that, while teachers come from staggering careers of science, music, design, law and philosophy - to name a few of the specialities the staff body freely offer to those interested to take the subject on.

The Money

Brockwood Park School is the cheapest boarding school in the UK, and offers a broad range of AS and A Levels through the internationally recognised Cambridge International exam board. The cost of the fees do still come to 21,000 GPB however, and up until the recent instability and violent devaluation of the pound, the economic state between the pound and foreign currencies meant that families that had saved for the cost of the fees had to apply for a little of extra bursary funding to fully make ends meet. I personally do not come a very rich background, so when I applied to Brockwood Park my mother and I made it clear we would rely on a relatively large bursary fund if I was accepted. However, due to a large increase of bursary applications from families (especially from within the eurozone) due to last year's euro:pound poor exchange rate, the amount of money from the bursary funding foundation which is available to each individual went down significantly as they had to divide it amongst more people, resulting in me only receiving 44.4% of the funding I need. So I've started the year at Brockwood, as the payments can be made termly, but at the moment I don't have enough money for the third (last) term, let alone next year, as all our available money was pooled into getting me my first year, and hoping that maybe more funding would be available next year. I am still optimistic that some generous people would be able to help me out in any way they can. Anything would be greatly appreciated, even if you can't give money but know of an organisation that funds students to pursue their dreams, or a good place to advertise, it would be very much appreciated.

My contact

My personal email is so please contact me about anything! (although any spam or abuse will be blocked). Thank you for reading my story! Below is a reference written by my teacher from my school I was at last year.

Louie Ablett

I have known Louie Ablett for nearly ten years, in the first instance as a family friend, and latterly as a pupil at the Steiner Academy Hereford during which time Louie was a member of my classes in Citizenship and History, and where he participated actively in the Citizenship Foundation’s Magistrates Court Mock Trial and Bar Mock Trial competitions that I ran within the school.

Louie is a unique and complex thinker and willing to bring to situations alternate ways of thinking that offer new and interesting approaches. He is self-motivated and equally able to hear advice and robustly defend his point of view. These characteristics have lent themselves well to a dialogic model of teaching and learning within school and the autodidactic development of Louie’s knowledge base.

During the mock trial competitions Louie was a central member of the team, fulfilling his roles (as a lawyer / advocate) impeccably, motivating his peers and helping them with project management, as well as contributing to the occasional and very welcome descent into theatrical farce during rehearsals that cultivated friendships within the group. To have been a leading member of the team of rising 15s who came second in a national competition amidst 16-18 year olds, in a grand final that was witnessed by Lord Chief Justice Leveson and Lady Rae, was a powerfully positive experience for Louie and I am aware that at a deep level it will have suggested that there are few limits for affecting well the world.  

I am aware also that Louie’s facility with technology may follow interesting routes of development, particularly in how music, social media and social responsibility interface with each other.

I value highly Louie’s courage and his gifts, and wholeheartedly support this application for funding for the next stage of his education. I look forward to witnessing how Louie’s quest for political authenticity and truth emerges, particularly in the context of global sustainability and international diplomacy, and hope that this next phase of learning for Louie can both support and enable him to continue to flourish.

Paul Hougham

Class 7 teacher, Steiner Academy Exeter

(previously Class 8 teacher and Upper School Lead at the Steiner Academy Hereford)


I need exactly £4,500, the £4770 listed includes the 5%+VAT that Crownfunder will charge in total :)

Thank you very much for reading right to the bottom, and please feel completely free to contact me!

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