Buy advertising pages in press publications such as the Daily Mail, Sun, Mirror or Guardian to help fairly represent Labour's Policies.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Do you want to see the Tories removed from power? If so read on...

The Idea

The mainstream press, and in particular the taxpayer funded BBC are displaying staggering bias against the Left. This cannot be allowed to continue unchecked:

Do we want to live in this kind of world? Do you want to wake up to 5 more years of this on 9th June? Nope, neither do we. We need people power to push the press into fair representation.

Please, it's now crucial you put your money where your mouth is so we can help Labour spread their amazing policies and messages to the wider world via the mainstream press. We believe a vote for them is really the only way to oust the Tories.

The Plan

We intend on buying advertising pages in Mainstream printed press publications  to spread the word on Labour policies. 

We already have an experienced copywriter and potential graphic designer lined up, both of whom will work for free to give us maximum finances to put towards the campaign.

Here is the reply to a prospective enquiry made by one of us:

'Hi xxxxxxx,

If you are placing a full page in the Daily Mail the cost would be:

Front half £35,280 + vat full colour per day (36cms high by 26.8cms wide)

Classified £28,980 + vat full colour per day (35cms by 26.8cms wide as appears under a heading)

The Mail on Sunday would cost:

Front half £30,240 + vat full colour

Classified £28,980 + vat full colour

We could look at a mix between front half and classified, or look at ways to include digital activity.

Please let me know your thoughts.



Martin Watchorn Sales Executive'

 How will your money be used?

Whatever money we make will be put directly into purchasing press advertorial space in a major printed publication. The more we make, the bigger the ad can be.

If we don't get in with the Daily Mail we will try other mainstream publications, such as the Mirror, The Sun and The Express in order of readership. Our efforts will all be subject to editorial scrutiny. So we will do our best to work within this limitation.

Anything you can afford is 100% appreciated, and if you can't afford money, a simple share will do a huge amount, no one's efforts will go unrewarded here.

It's time to come together and use people power to steer this country out of the darkness that looms.

Join us!!