Fund an electric standing wheelchair

Fund an electric standing wheelchair

I am in desperate need of replacing an electric standing wheelchair, it's beyond repair & the company no longer makes this model

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Leigh-Anne was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) back in November 2008 after a long battle of tests and hospital stays. What started as low backache soon affected her left side which became extremely weak and it became evident that there was a problem but doctors were baffled by her symptoms and it took a long time for her to be diagnosed, doctors even thought that she had had a stroke as she could not lift her hands no higher than her waist and she was also dragging her foot.

Muscular dystrophy is a muscle wasting disease and affects 1 in 50,000 people in the UK. Leigh-Anne led a normal life, she had a full-time job and was able to provide for her son no end until she was delivered the news and her condition deteriorated. Leigh-Anne was now unable to feed herself, lift a cup which led to her drinking from a straw with assistance. There is no cure for her condition and has had to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

Her family rallied round to find the best wheelchair for her and a gem was found in the way of a Genie wheelchair, this chair actually stands you up so Leigh-Anne was able to get around her home and do small tasks herself. That was seven years ago. The cost of the chair was £7,000 and although this amount was difficult to find, it gave Leigh-Anne a chance to live again so the money was well spent. Just before Christmas 2016, her chair malfunctioned and is beyond repair. The company are unable to repair chair as the model has since discontinued and she has been advised the only option is to buy a newer model which is now a whopping £10,000+.

This campaign has been created to raise the monies required to purchase a new chair for Leigh-Anne. Her family and friends are doing everything that they can to support the cause with any fundraising events but this money needs to be raised urgently. Leigh-Anne is now stuck indoors days on end with no access to the outside world because of mobility. Due to the Muscular Dystrophy, her limbs are very floppy because her muscles have wasted away, a normal push along wheelchair will not be adequate for her needs. Leigh-Anne does not receive any disability assistance for equipment and the government have no services which offers items such as these on loan or at a subsidised rate which is a shame. We are hoping that you will be able to donate whatever you can to support this cause. Leigh-Anne has been quite guarded about her condition and wouldn’t want to bother anyone with her worries which is why I have taken the decision to try and fundraise on her behalf. No donation will go unnoticed and the family will appreciate all monies received. Please help us to raise the £11,000 needed for Leigh-Anne.

Thank you for your time.