Fund an Artist! Help me Buy a Printing Press

Please help me raise funds to buy a printing press for my studio so I can advance and diversify mine and my students' practices.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

  With government cuts it is getting harder and harder to get funding in the arts, expecially as an independant artist working a shed in her parent's garden. I paint 10 - 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I'm ambitious but I'm also realistic and know that it'll be a long hawl to establish myself.

  At university I divided my work between oil painting and printmaking, feeding the different medias into each other. Monopriting in particular is known as the painters print and I loved it. It taught me so much about mark making, tonal balance and creating movement in my work. The nearest workshop is two hours away by train so, if possible, I would love to buy my own equipment. You can purchase a very basic press for a few hundred but the quality of the machinery directly affect the quality of the prints. After careful research I've found a small family run business in Ironbridge which create these beautiful machines for around £1500.  

  Eight months ago I quit my job as a waitress to focus all my efforts on my art practice. If you were to choose this project to donate to I would work very hard to make works you would be proud to have helped fund. These machines are built to last for centuries and will proabbly outlast me, which means your generosity will always feed into my work whenever I use it over the next few decades. I also run workshops and classes in the local community, a prnting press would exose a lot of people to a completely differnt type of art form.