Set up my business

by Hannah in Thorpe Thewles, England, United Kingdom

Set up my business


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Raise money to set up my business

by Hannah in Thorpe Thewles, England, United Kingdom

I am a small time farmer, trying to eek out a living.  I have a small flock of sheep but they don't bring in enough income to make a sustainable business.  My plan to make my business successful is to go into contracting.  This involves buying a tractor and trailer and some hay making equipment and charging for my services, along with taking on other projects such as fencing, clipping sheep etc.  In addition to this I want to convert an existing shed to use for raising pigs in on contract for other people as another side of the business.

I have been self employed for the last year but as I haven't been trading for long enough or have enough of an income I am not eligible for traditional funding such as business loans.  Any money raised would go towards buying the equipment I need to set up as a contractor, and also into converting the shed for the pigs.

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