The level of poverty in Nigeria is at such a level that people die daily as a consequence. Providing craft to the youth will help save lifes

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The ForwardAGE project aims to fight the root of poverty in Nigeria rather than handing out food to the empoverished people. The poverty level n Nigeria is at suach an alarming level that people die in their number daily. Government fail to pay salaries & pensions in some states and people have been brought to absolute poverty level. Some youth are getting involved in crimes in order to survive; in some cases and others are just looking for ways to leave the country.

To make sure that the elderly are supported and the youth engaged, we are trying to run short training courses that can help the youth develop the necessary skills that can help them start their own small businesses. By starting their own small businesses, this will ensure that they are busy and have regular income of their own, thus, they will be more likely to stay away from crime and be able to support themselves and their familties.

In Nigeria, our youths have abundant talents and skills and therefore need to be guided on how to build businesses around these skills, talents and passions.

Some of these youths are already endowed with skills, such as: comedy, music, drama, modeling, photography, carpentary, plumbing, cinematography, graphic designs, writing, public speaking, poetry, blogging, consulting, facilitation, marketing, etc, and through the “ForwardAGE”, we shall guide them on how to build their own businesses with these skills.