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Cancer Detection Dogs working towards the early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer and other diseases at Medical Detection Dogs

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On 18th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,865 with 81 supporters in 56 days


 Medical Detection Dogs is a world leading chairty, based in Buckinghamshire which trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease.

The charity has 2 distinct areas of work

  1. Cancer Detection Dogs
  2. Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

Medical Detecion Dogs is reqesting funding to train another Cancer Detection Dog to work on our 3 year Prostate Cancer study named "Canine Olfactory Detection of Human Urilogical Cancer from the Odour of Human Urine Samples".  We are working towards the early diagnosis of cancer.

We have received NHS ethical approval at NIHR Portfolio status, and are working with Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, who have agreed to collaborate with us on our further investigations of the feasability of dogs to provide second line test for Prostate Cancer.

The PSA's high false positive rate could be complimented by a canine urine testing service that demonstrates a low false positive rate and higher accuracy.  The results of these studies will result in additional information to assist in the reliable detection of human cancer and therefore save many lives.

Medical Detection Dogs will conduct proof of principle studies into the possibility of diagnosis of other conditions including Ovarian Cancer, Lung Cancer, Parkinson's Disease and detection of bacterial infections in urine throught the detection of associated voltile organic compounds.

We have a strict no kennel policy and all dogs live within a family unit at one of our fosterers homes and come into work each day and go home at night.

It costs £7,200 to train each Cancer Detection Dog, we already have £2,200 and need £5,000 more.


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