Fun Rewards App in Bitcoin & Alt. Coin Galore

I am raising money for CosmoKrypto a Digitally Cryptocurrency Mobile Rewards App that enables the user to collect free BTC, LTC, and DOGE.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


CosmoKrypto is a Digitally Sleek looking Cryptocurrency Mobile Rewards App that enables the user to collect free Bitcoin,Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

This Crypto App has four different interchangeable screens, and in which are the Front login screen,and in which the user will need a email, and password to enter.

The faucet (Dispenser) will have interchangeable screens for different display of depositing to: as displayed in Litecoin but will offer Bitcoin and Dogecoin Rewards as well.

The Real Time Cryptocurrency Chart is Live and will feature, and display of digital currency for Price and Trade for the users convince.

The Settings screen will hold all users email, and digital wallet address, and plus it will have additional information for newcomers such as What is Bitcoin?, How to make a digital wallet, and will promote cold storage wallets such as USB drive,Hardware Wallet, and Paper wallet for a safe storage of ones cryptocurrency. 


Comokrypto I ensure will be Safe for Everyone world wide, User friendly, and Pay out.

Cosmokrypto will not only be an enjoyment to the Bitcoin fanatics, and enthusiast but will also be a great asset to the Altcoin Community, and for it has been a long time awaited but will be the first working altcoin app to enter into the Google Play store, and various other android Play stores.

CosmoKrypto App Icon matches the full screen image, and for it's unique style  incorporated the true connection of the digital coin to the motherboard.


The Estimated cost for CosmoKrypto can be found here: