KYAN & KOKO - Children's books about cities

KYAN & KOKO - Children's books about cities

To help children learn about the cities around the world and encounter ethnic minority friends - targeted at 4-6 yr olds.

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New stretch target

the additional money raised for the stretch target will go towards two things:

1) Producing more books exploring new cities

2) Giving away even more free books to schools, libraries and charities


In this series of books, a little boy named Kyan and his dog Koko play a game of 'Hide and Seek' where each of their friends have hidden in a city around the world. Kyan and Koko travel around the world to different cities and places of interest, they visit unique landmarks and sites, in search for their friends; who do they find and where do they find them?

Through each page, Kyan (the little boy) comes across a landmark and many interesting things and people that he can see around the landmark. The illustrations are busy, and your little one will have to find what Kyan can see (this follows the 'wimmelbook' style of illustrations). On each page, it is clear that Kyan cannot find his friend here, at the end, the final illustration shows Kyan has found his friend. Each book has a different friend to find.

The book is written and illustrated to grab children's attention and learn about the specific landmarks and places of interest in a particular city. The landmarks are chosen based on what a child may be interested to see. The main character, Kyan, is of an English-Indian background and most (but not all) of the friends he finds are children from other ethnic minority backgrounds.

 One of the landmark illustrations (London Aquarium) in the LONDON book:



After having my first child, we soon decided to take a short family trip abroad. I wanted a book that could help my little one learn about where we were going and what we might see, in a fun and interactive way rather than a 'factual' book with no story. I was also looking for a book that included ethnic minority characters, as these are still under-represented in most children's books and I would like my little one to grow up with a fair representation of all the different types of people in the world (especially as he's from a mixed background himself). I searched the high street shops as well as online stores and could not find what I was looking for, so I thought about creating this myself. As I started to research more and more, I found that the book could help:

1) Other parents who regularly take their children on trips, as they could benefit from introducing their children to some of the places they may visit - and a familiar series of books is a great way to engage children with this topic (just as us adults have 'lonely planet' books or 'time out' magazines). 

2) Equally, those that cannot afford to go away regularly or at all, can use these books to help their little ones learn about the world - again, a familiar series of books helps children identify with the characters, their conquest and provides continuity (similar to the 'Harry Potter' series - also where each book can be read individually, but also forms part of a wider series).

3) Most importantly, the ethnic representation should help our millenial children to become more aware of all the different types of people in the world - especially for those that are exposed to less ethnic representation based on their geographical location (the UK is a prime example of ethnic disparity).

As the 'physical book' market is on the increase (and a decline in ebooks), it makes sense to have this book available as a paperback (although it will be available as an ebook too).  

 Another landmark illustration (Big Ben) from the LONDON book:


I have a background in English Language and have years of industry experience in Instructional Design. I've worked with many designers in the past, so finding an illustrator that could bring my concept to life was not difficult. Every element of this book has been thought through - the colours of each front cover correspond with the world map illustration that is in every book (see below), as well as the colour wheel, and the book has space for children to write their favourite landmark, etc. 


The illustrator and I have worked together creating the first book (the illustrations you see are from this book) and are hoping to start the next (already written). I've also created a website that tells you more about the main characters, keeps you up to date with where they've been, and have a book trailer that will shortly be live on this website - visit:

After producing a draft/proof of the first book, I've managed to get feedback from my focus group and will have the first book available in December 2016.



Your donations (however large or small) would be used to help purchase copies of the books to donate to libraries, schools and charities as well as contribute to the people involved in the project (such as the illustrator and editor) and paying for the fundraising fees. I have already written, designed and produced the first book, which is based on the city of LONDON, using my own funds. I have the next set of books written and would love these to come to fruition too. 



The aim is to have this series of books written about multiple cities. They would all follow the same format and have the same main characters, but differ in the city they visit, the landmarks they encounter and the friend they find. As well as the well-known cities in the world, I'm also looking forward to producing books about cities that are usually unpopular.

I hope you find my cause worthy and you're able to help me on my journey :)




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