New eLearning Platforms for Disadvantaged children

by FullSpektrum in London, England, United Kingdom

New eLearning Platforms for Disadvantaged children
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Providing adaptive e-Learning technologies to improve the learning of disadvantaged children and young people, who are normally left behind.

by FullSpektrum in London, England, United Kingdom

My partner and I became first-time parents in October 2016.  As new parents, we both had an overwhelming concern towards the current state of mainstream education.

With current educational budget cuts, lack of academic resources, teachers leaving the profession, subjects being slashed, and gaps teachers can no longer fill, it is apparent that the current education system in the UK is facing a very difficult period. Not only is this a concern for teachers, parents and students, but also the government.

I was diagnosed with severe dyspraxia and partial dyslexia late into my second year of university. Despite my growing difficulties during secondary school through to college and university, I realised the need to adapt my learning style and explore new concepts to master the process of self-learning and metacognition; both of which became essential everyday components towards my personal and professional achievements.

Once I became a father, I decided to form a technology start-up called FullSpektrum Innovations Ltd., with a mission to create new learning pathways to progress the academic, personal and professional development of children and young people from all backgrounds and learning styles.

Our personalised digital platform (codenamed: FullSpektrum:One) and curriculum support service will be designed to support school pupils, teachers and parents, as well as society as a whole, starting with disadvantaged students and those with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) such as dyslexia and dyspraxia like me.

The money raised from this campaign will help us launch our project, grow our company and build a suite of cloud-based applications and curriculum support services to improve the education and wellbeing of disadvantaged children across the UK. 

It will also help us draft and submit our business plan for seed capital and further investment required to build a prototype, understand the greater need of the national curriculum and prove the concept as a preffered curriculum tool and service in selected locations across the UK in a series of alpha and beta testing pilots. With the planning, testing and investment, we will then be able to prove our revolutionary learning managemnt concept to key stakeholders of our children's education and personal development, including parents, teachers, school and college adminstrators, as well as top-level policymakers in local and national government.

If you would like to know more about our company, or get involved in this exciting psychological and technological project to help disadvantaged children "Learn Better. Become Better", then feel free to pledge or donate whatever you can to help us towards our goal, and make sure you visit or contact us at

Thank you for your time visiting our Crowdfunder page and I hope together we can change the lives of people who are normally left behind.

Warmest regards,

André N. Skepple BSc (Hons.), MSc

Founder and Chief Executive of FullSpektrum Innovations Ltd.

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