Full face shields for all Portsmouth area workers

by enwezor.nzegwu in Southsea, England, United Kingdom


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Provide full face shields to anyone in Portsmouth and the surrounding area who has a job that brings them into contact with other people.

by enwezor.nzegwu in Southsea, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I also want to draw attention to the great work that the Makers Guild are doing making face shields with 3D printing technology. They have been supplying medical practices in and around Portsmouth for the past few days doing brilliant work.

Here's how you can support them:


All the money will go to pay organisations and individuals to make face shields for anyone who has a job that involves customer contact in and around Portsmouth.

We want to help as many people as we possibly can as fast as we can.

Any money not needed will go to local Portsmouth charities.

I am Enwezor, an IT consultant working for the University of Portsmouth and founder of a local food distribution start-up: Be Locals.

Why Face Shields, why me?

A GP friend contacted me on Thursday night (27/3) to see if I knew of anyone with a 3D printer who could print some face shields as they were running really low in her surgery. A few calls later we found the brilliant Makers Guild in Portsmouth who had already made some. They gave 15 with no charge.

As her video below explains, face shields help the wearer by acting as a barrier from the Covid-19 virus. Apart from the physical barrier they provide, wearing a face shield prevents you from touching your own face - and that’s one of the ways the virus spreads so easily. 

Who needs them?

GP surgeries in and around Portsmouth. 

We will start there - supplying free face shields to the front line of our NHS doctors and nurses. 

Other front-line workers who come into contact with other people,

These include for example pharmacies, care home workers, supermarket staff, charities that are still open, delivery drivers, grocers, butchers, etc. - anyone who comes into contact with other people.

Face shields can help to slow the pace of infection because they act as a barrier and stop you touching your face. I want to provide as many of them as we can make to people in and around Portsmouth.

I am reaching out to companies who have skills & resources that can help.

How do we make enough face shields quickly?

3D printing helps but it is not an efficient mass production technique: If we have a design, we can laser cut from plastic in 1 single piece in about 30 seconds.

We are using an open source face shield design from the US. Companies who have laser cutters can use this design to make more.

How much do we need and what will we do with the money made?

This is not about profit - but about getting these face shields made and delivered to users as quickly as possible

We need to pay for materials and consumables for the production process, i.e. large sheets of transparent plastic (acetate or other suitable polymers). Each shield is projected to cost in the region of £1.50 to produce however this maybe subject to change dependant on available materials and fluctuations in their price.  Here is a picture of the Mark2 prototype. 

We plan on working with other organisations who have laser cutting equipment using this design to add capacity.

Can you help?

Yes you can. If you have access to a laser cutter then please get in touch. If you want to help in some way, e.g delivering them, have boxes/packing material please get in touch. If you are a local business / organisation / community group and want some, please get in touch at this email address:

[email protected]


Please support. Thank you. Any money not used will be donated to local Portsmouth charities.

This campaign does not seek to criticise or replace anything that government are doing, rather it's a response to the local short supply of PPE which is well documented.

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