Fuel The Music

Fuel The Music

Ok where to start, from the beginning probably works.  2 years ago I turned a crumbling 30 year old timber  yard in to a live music...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ok where to start, from the beginning probably works.  2 years ago I turned a crumbling 30 year old timber  yard in to a live music venue. Starting with investing all my savings and not having enough money to pay for the build. All my friends help me build this in 3 months. With no outside contractors One of my friends  hand built a music system for free that's giving an amazing sound is second to none, he worked with my friends/ sound engineers who have given musicians a sound that leaves the artists totally appreciating the work they put in. With all my MUZO's friends believing in my dream of bringing london a live music venue with a difference I'm driven with passion to make this happen . 2 years in we give 90% of free live music, and constantly give young talent a platform and treat them the same as we do the more seasoned artists and proud to say now also famous artists. From Kamasi Washington playing more recently.  All ticketed events we have and money Generated goes to the artists on the night. And more than often on none ticketed events I give expenses leaving my account  cringing as we are always on the breadline. But hey when you walk through our gates it's a different world to the rest of london it's raw it's real! and everyone feels the honest heart beat that's brings back the old days that Poeple still talk about when Poeple felt a warm passion for a music venues back in the day  and there first thought is this is the real deal. 

Now to my project/Dream.  It's named 

Fuel The Music a project close to my heart. A musicians hostile with a difference. A complex that can house 3 different acts at a time with beds, communal kitchen. Showers. rehearsal rooms / recording rooms. Where acts apply to stay there and are chosen by the work and talent we believe they have put in to themselves already. We create and enviorment that's not money based  With no rent to pay for the 2 months the are based there. They will be asked to move in to the complex to record they album there we also provide food the musicians will be totally looked after until the album is finished. We then set them up with a few gigs and some festivals,  if acts go on to make it big they are encourage to give back to fuel the music with a donation to help creat longevity for helping new artists who come through after them. This will also hopefully bring musicians through that normally would of  been lost in the system. And who knows these artists may bring us  some songs that will be with us life, We all know the songs from 60s70s80s90s are still the greateat songs that make us smile/ dance & some times cry. My vision Is to to map these complexes out across the country one day.  I truly believe Fuel The Music can bring something special back to this country. Music in the UK is failing the stats don't lie, almost 50% of live music  venues have been lost in the last decade. It would seem the rest of Europe and further country's are where the Artists want to go as they are embracing music & musicians. If you help me set this up I promise you will be part of something so special people all over the world never forget what this would do for music that's my pledge. 

Warnest regards