Fudgey's Week of Disney's Frozen

Fudgey's Week of Disney's Frozen

Faced with a flood of Disney Frozen cash-ins, can one man survive a week using/eating ONLY Disney Frozen branded products?

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Disney's Frozen is a lovely musical family adventure about a couple of sisters, one of which has magical ice powers and the other is just a bit clumsy and rubbish. As a parent of two girls, I have seen this movie, slept through this movie and been infected by the earworms that this movie produces, more times than any sane human being can cope with.

The movie and it's many repeated viewings are but the tip of the (ahem) iceberg, as supermarkets, toy stores and all other retail outlets are full of Disney Frozen related products. Just today, I've seen Frozen cereal, Frozen baby wipes, Frozen fizzy party drink, and Frozen... er... frozen pizza. This is just wandering through a shop to buy stamps and not really looking. The market is saturated with the smug face of Olaf the snowman, Queen Elsa's glittery dress and Anna's stupid bloody grin.

My aim for this project is to dedicate a week of my life to ONLY Disney Frozen branded products, eating only Disney Frozen food, using only Disney Frozen shower gel, wiping my bum only with Disney Frozen baby wipes. You get the idea. Now, I don't think there are many products out there that you can't get branded with Disney Frozen, so I don't think I'm going to starve to death in any way. I may, however go completely insane. Fortunately I don't *think* there are many Disney Frozen branded sharp stabbing objects so there should be no loss of human life stemming from my impending madness.

So, yeah, this being a project based around having to replace everything I eat and use with Disney Frozen nonsense, I'm gonna need your help to fund it. I imagine I'll be able to find most of the products I need in local shops and supermarkets, but some of the more obscure items will need to be sourced online, so I'd need to consider shipping as well.

I'm aiming to produce a video diary of my adventures/decent into madness, with maybe 2 or 3 accompanying blog posts depending how bonkers I get. If you have a look at fudgecrumpet.com you'll get a decent idea of my writing style and the sort of silly nonsense I usually get up to.

Aaaaand that's my pitch. Having written it, I'm almost thinking it's a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA.