From the 48% to Theresa May

by Brexit Resistance in London, England, United Kingdom

From the 48% to Theresa May
We did it
On 15th February 2017 we successfully raised £67,713 with 3496 supporters in 28 days

We are crowdfunding to pay for a series of billboards and ads to get our voices heard.

by Brexit Resistance in London, England, United Kingdom

Derek 27th February 2017

Don't forget the 'Unite for Europe' march to Parliament in London on March 25th to protest against Brexit, and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome - more info here

Sue Allen-Shepherd 13th February 2017

I want to Remain, but if we have to leave, is now the right time? The World is in so much turmoil, the EU might make changes as unfettered free movement continues to cause problems for member states, the USA is likely to be a very unpredictable partner. Now is not the time for 'Little' Britain to be casting itself adrift, we are very vulnerable in such an 'every man for himself' situation.

Steve Gaunt 8th February 2017

Quick Question If a stretch target is set up do you have to reach that value before the cash can be spent, I ask because it now seems unlikely that £75K will be reached?

Carol Ward 6th February 2017

Weak Camoron, on 24% of our votes, was forced into the Referendum gamble by his right wing. May is an UNELECTED Prime Minister, acting like a DICTATOR, a liar who has appointed liars and CLAIMS TO "SPEAK FOR US ALL". We must have a FAIR electoral system. 'Safe seats' are jobs for life for their Party's choice. The BBC and right wing press must be held to account. The EU is not perfect but a lot better than our Government for ordinary people. THANK YOU for starting the fight back - sorry I cannot afford more money at present. DEMOCRACY STARTS HERE!

Keziah Mee 29th January 2017

Thank-you for organising this. I have one idea for the ads - a "Did you know...?" theme with positive facts about the EU - short and snappy. Eg: rights, funding, net contribution of migrants.

Heike Arnolds 25th January 2017

the ballot paper asked remain/leave, leave had the majority. the ballot paper did not ask why people wanted to leave. that discussion has been completely hijacked by people who are violently opposed to the very idea of a European Union. because they shout very loudly, they get most of the press. so let's shout louder! thank you for starting this.

Brexit Resistance 24th January 2017

Setting this campaign up, promoting it, and now planning and thinking how we can make best use of your money, has been a lot of work for our small team. When we read your messages of support for our attempts to get our side of the story out and listened to, then we feel the value of every minute of effort. This is what we created this campaign for.

j.careyknight 23rd January 2017

Thank you for this opportunity to Have a voice again. I have been stunned, heartbroken and felt isolated after the referendum result in June. I couldn't find news or media that was seriously counter arguing the Brexiteers. I then I find this - Great work guys

Brexit Resistance 23rd January 2017

Thank you all so much for your comments and thoughts. They are great and helping us to hone our ideas. We are gathering print and advertising prices right now, and working on how to amplify our message through social media so we can make as much impact as we can.

Jonathan Davis 22nd January 2017

This is an excellent idea! I think the aim should be for the "48%+" i.e. those who voted remain, but also those who voted leave but were tricked by false promises. Also focus on personal stories, real effects on people's lives to bring home that this is a grassroots movement and dispel the whole 'liberal elite' nonsense. Sending out stickers also helps with this, as it complements the big message (bus adverts, billboards etc.) with things on a small scale.

diane datson 22nd January 2017

It's great but I think it looks like a message from Soft remainers Could it be tweaked to express that we ( remainers) know that she is going against democracy that she has never had this mandate ever. Who are the "we " in the present poster I realise it's not the finished version We are against what she is doing We didn't vote for any of the above the leavers did We didn't vote leave It's just a bit ambiguous at mo could be from a brainwashed remainer ( I inow it's not! But there are plenty!) Best idea can't wait to see these boards all over ! Thank you

sue webber 22nd January 2017

Glad so many others feel that we should not just shut up when we can see the future prospects for today's youngsters being ground to dust, and the peace and prosperity that the European project has delivered being spat upon. And - although you say the text shown in the crowdfunding ad probably won't be used, I say keep it, it expresses perfectly what we're about - short slogans work for the angry, but not for the reasonable.

Brexit Resistance 20th January 2017

Dear all, thank you for your messages of support and offers of help. They are all really appreciated. We haven't had time to get back to individuals yet, but we will. Bear with us... The response to this campaign has been amazing. We will be back with more updates.

Judith King 20th January 2017

Great idea, keep fighting! And anyone who is reading this- keep writing to and hassling your MP, and any other MPs that seem appropriate- maybe Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet Ministers. Great to get a positive message out there to fight the Daily Mail, Express etc.

ionaoggs 20th January 2017

Thank you for doing this. Lets hope it will help to change the narrative. God knows something needs to! I am sure Teresa May and Brexit cronies are gearing up to blame the EU for a bad deal - so no deal. (2 years is only enough for a preliminary deal and they know this)..... So it will be a TTIP style deal with Donald Trump and we'll all suffer the miserable consequences of that for years to come.

Alex MacMillan 19th January 2017

So disappointed by the sycophantic BBC. Let's do something to change the government's narrative. I say if we are going down, as everyone has been saying, we should put up a good fight and make sure that history knows we were here: that many of us supported reason, and tolerance, and a better, liberal, European future for us and for our children.

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