From Newborn To Kneehigh

From Newborn To Kneehigh

Funds of which raised will enable both business start-up in addition to this assisting both product testing and further developments.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

About Me 

Hi my name is Anna, 

I am the founder of from Newborn To Kneehigh and I am nineteen years old , when i was little I always saw myself being successful on stage and not in a boardroom. Business was never something of which stuck me as interesting when I was younger, how things change. However after leaving home at the age of Sixteen , I then had no choice but to come up with various small eneterprises in order to earn an income. From doing so my interest ignited, from studying acting I then transfered to business and since then i have never looked back. In september I set out to complete a Access  Higher Education in Business, and it has been confirmed that I shall be moving to London for university in September to study Marketing and Advertising.  I am hoping to run a successful business whilst at university and hoping to have several successful enterprises in the future. No matter how bad the struggle has been and how many people have said that I cant, I have proven them wrong and did. 

Company History 

A year ago my brother was born, within the months surrounding his birth I was looking around numerous retailers for the best of the best products in order to assist my mother with various activities which require a vast number of products each with their own purpose.  Upon my research into the market I found numerous products on offer which would meet these criteria. However none of them stood out to me as superior, after realising there was a gap in the market for high-quality products with technnological advances  I acted upon this and conducted further research into the baby product industry. 

The majority of given research was achieved through focus groups, the first of which was at a project called the 'Talk Shop' which assists young parents in adapting to their childs development and needs. This was highly beneficial to me as i was able to speak with both new parents and those with multiple children about the products of which they already own and what they wish to see within the future. In addition to this I also spoke with various members of staff at two nurseries, they were able to give me a great insite into the efficientcy of products of which they use on a day to day basis and what improvements could be made. 

Technology is ever-evolving in this day of age, through investing within the technological market we are investing in the future of our company. Hence the strapline 'Developing with both you and your baby'  meaning that as your child develops futher will our technologies.  Our aim is to create a bespoke line of baby products of which would be of everyday use to parents with given technological advances . Although the business is just beginning there are two products of which are currently within the patenting process of which after both testing and final tweaking, hopefully will be bought to market as of summer 2018. Breaking into the market correctly is very important and through ensuring that the products of which are taken to market meet the needs of the consumer and have been through vigorous testing. 

Future Plans 

Although looking at the future now seems rather daunting, at Newborn To Kneehigh we will be passionate about making our customer shopping experience one to remember. Through creating the finest-quality products, furthermore ensuring that parents are assisted greatly with the newest developed technologies. Hopes for the future are to develop a wide variety and numerous lines targeted at a variety of price points of products and smart-accessories assisting a variety of age-groups. In addition to this exceeding progression plans include app development, and outsourcing products through nurseries and large retailers. 

I hope that you will consider donating to my business, and if so I welcome you  to the Newborn To Kneehigh journey....