From homeless to aspiring entrepreneur family man

by Gary Taylor in Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

From homeless to aspiring entrepreneur family man


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To have help with start up costs for our beauty salon so we can build and grow a family business

by Gary Taylor in Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

Hello, a little about myself, that I keep private “usually” I’ve had a turbulent life, losing family, becoming homeless twice, having no sense of direction or purpose in life whatsoever, until meeting my partner and best friend, we now have 2 beautiful children and life’s getting there, over the years I’ve always wanted my own business but obviously wasn’t in the position to even consider it, things are more settled now and I have a more entrepreneurial mindset , I’m in the process of launching my own large format printing business that I started with £50 buying broken iMacs and printers to repair and sell for profit, worked my way to buying 2 x £8000 60” fine art printers, and a £5000 vinyl cutter / printer, and various other equipment and built an 8mx5m office workshop to start in, I plan to launch before Christmas…

I also 3 years ago converted a shell of a shop into a beauty salon for my partner, we started with very little, my partner was pregnant with our little boy and still working to build her business, unfortunately during lockdown we really struggled and the business has failed, basically the premises was too small to make enough money to get back on track once lockdown lifted..

We don’t want to give up!

We’ve secured another much larger premises that will have much more potential than our first location, we’ve got the money together by selling personal items, we’re even going to sell our car soon to help fund the works needed to do such a project, I’m going to do all the labour on my own, flooring, walls, plumbing, decoration etc etc, so to save money, but the purpose of this crowdfunding appeal is the hope of raising capital to invest in the materials for internal construction.. I was really hesitant to reach out, but I believe what goes around comes around, and if people are willing to help me / my partner get started, once we’ve made it, we will endeavour to give back by helping others 

I’ve attached an image of the floor plan of our new premises, I’m also going to try adding images of the salon we built that’s unfortunately failed due to covid and being too small to make a good enough profit to bounce back1633084437_fdc33e1d-b13a-4e78-a068-afd888e7f156.jpeg1633084366_d89b4475-ed37-4bbe-a88d-012e0021a774.jpeg1633084328_758b1f0b-5aee-4692-be13-11c42df3176f.jpeg1633084267_6c552207-51e3-41f5-b476-3b64c0b5ebb5.jpeg1633084146_59675520-8676-468c-9a5a-ffa6add48a52.jpeg1633084016_2d54cf58-9475-4e47-aba0-4724366089ff.jpeg

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