From foster kid to doctor

From foster kid to doctor

Raising money to pay for medical degree and support my family.

We did it!

On 29th May 2017 we successfully raised £380 with 4 supporters in 56 days



From the age of six I was put into foster care after suffering every form of abuse by my birth parents. All my siblings also went into care but being the eldest, I was exposed to many things I shouldn't have  and took hurt and pain to protect my younger siblings. 
I went through eight different homes and did not attend school much until my last foster placement at the age of ten. Here I was placed with all my siblings, at this time there were six of us. At the age of thirteen we were all adopted by my now adopted mum, who as a single woman took us all in and then adopted us. It was only at this point I had stability and a family.

I had a lot of catching up to do with my peers educationally as well as dealing with issues and trauma from my childhood. Not many people expected much from me, as a foster child who has seen and experienced things a child should never have to. But my mum believed in me and gave me the best she could give so that I could achieve my goals- to become a doctor. Once starting school and realising my love for science and helping others, I wanted more than anything to be a doctor but felt with my past and lack of education I would never get there.

However, I worked so hard and my mum supported me every step of the way. I achieved good GCSEs and came second in my year group at my school with my results. I then had to move schools as I needed a sixth form to do my a-levels, however at this time I had learnt that my biological mother had passed away, and this affected me emotionally and mentally through my a-levels, this meaning I did not achieve the grades to get into medicine. Instead I applied to study biochemistry at Keele university and achieved an upper 2.1 honours degree. Thinking back, I never thought I would ever go to university but having got this far I still thought it possible I could be a doctor.

I applied to medicine after my BSc degree but did not get in. I therefore got into a competitive job in the NHS as a clinical scientist as well as studying for my masters degree. After four years I had achieved my clinical biochemistry masters degree with the university of Birmingham and completed clinical scientist training. I still longed to be a doctor but had spent four years studying and in laboratories so felt I needed to work with people to enhance my skills before I could apply to medicine again. I then went on and trained as a secondary school teacher and qualified after two years which brings me to where I am now. 
During all my years of studying and working there have been so many issues to overcome with my siblings going to prison, being in gangs, hospitals due to stabbings, supporting them in life because they didn't choose to have goals or work hard, taking on their children from domestic violent relationships, and being a help to my mum through all the stresses over the years. 

I could go on and on but this I feel highlights the main struggles. In my last year of teaching I applied to medical school as my last hope of becoming a doctor. I had prepared for this application and tried to get as much experience as I could ready for my application. Much to my surprise I got into medical school! I am so happy that I have made it to finally achieve my goal, but as you can imagine from the opening of my application, I am struggling to now fund my place at medical school.

I would love to be a paediatrician now that I am a full time carer for my niece and nephew and support my mum with them and my little brother with learning difficulties. 

I hope that you can support me in my journey to becoming a doctor by sharing this story or donating a small amount to help me pay for my fees. 

Please be assured I am doing my utmost best to do this myself by working two part-time jobs through medical school also. I am not eligible for grants, bursaries of government student fees loans, and those I have applied to have been unsuccessful due to my age or circumstances.  
If you know of charities or businesses that would help fund my MBChB for someone in my position I would be grateful for the link. 

I really didn't want to raise money this way but with paying for life bills, kids, financial commitments and going to medical school it has all become too much.  I'd rather have not done it this way and hoped I could do it alone, but with the circumstances life brings I now need help.

Thank you for reading this, please share with those you can. 

- University expenses:
£ 9,000 per year. 
Year 1- paid through some loans and grants.
Year 2- part paid, need to raise the rest
Year 3 and 4- need to fund
Year 5- hopefully NHS Bursary

- Other expenses
Previous loans from studies
Car expenses as I commute each day to then get home to help with the children
Living expenses at home.



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