Rufford Primary School Infant Play Area

Rufford Primary School Infant Play Area

The PTA at Rufford is aiming to raise enough money to allow us to replace the old and dangerous equipment in our playground space.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our Crowdfunding goal is to replace old and dangerous play equipment at Rufford Primary and Nursery in Bulwell.

It will give the children a place to play and enjoy as they progress through their time at the school. There are little to no parks in the area, and this would be a perfect place for them to both learn and enjoy.

The total cost of replacing equipment which was demolished (due to it being old and dangerous) is about £20,000. The Friends Association (which is run by a committed group of parents) has raised about £7,000. This was made possible by running events in school, and by the invaluable support of the wider members of the association. Our provision of the new playground equipment will provide a long lasting legacy to the work of the Association, which exists to help provide the things which school wants to provide, but isn't able to.

Every penny you donate will go towards this playground and help put smiles on all the faces of the children who will have the chance to finally have a place to play, burning off energy, and improving their social wellbeing as well as giving them great cognitive and physical play opportunities.