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To feed and keep warm over 250 rescue animals after the COVID-19 pandemic has meant the Ark has no income.

by Ark Wildlife Park in Stickney, England, United Kingdom

The Ark is home to over 250 animals that may have had to be put down or left abandoned had the Ark not stepped in to help.  From crocodiles in bath tubs, Raccoon dogs found wandering loose to a fox that was asked to be put down by its previous owner, as well as a Savannah cat seized by the authorities and many many more.

In these uncertain times we have seen a rush of cancelled bookings and have been forced to close for the foreseeable future.

Unlike many businesses impacted we cannot simply 'switch off the lights' even if we are closed our expenses are pretty much the same and runs to many thousands  of pounds a week.

The Ark gets no public funding or Grants and whilst the government are offering some assistance this is a drop in the ocean when you look at our actual running costs.  Our income is all from our fantastic visitors and supporters, which are fast dwindling.

We are lucky to have a team of fantastic volunteers but the expenses for electric, feeds, vet bills and everything else are very scary.  We have recently had a poorly meerkat and his vet bill alone came to £3000, and is still rising, these bills do not go away when the visitors do.

Whilst we appreciate everyone is struggling in the uncertainty at the moment we really need people to help local businesses and do what they can do to help.  We are not asking for donations as such but for people to pre-purchase things.

We can provide adoption packs and annual passes by post and will be investing a lot of time in providing online learning aids and quizzes for children who are not at school for free.

The Ark is a community project and the next few months are critical to the 250 animals that are already here living happily, and will impact any future rescues.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any assistance you can give.

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