Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) charity shop

Raising funds for Friends of Mulanje Orphans to set up a charity shop in the South Ribble area.

We did it!

On 7th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £1,620 with 14 supporters in 49 days

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) has been working in Malawi in Southern Africa looking after orphaned and vulnerable children since the year 2000. Over the past 17 years FOMO has established 14 day care centres, currently caring for over 3,500 children in need. FOMO provide a daily meal, clothing, health care and education for the children – they offer a lifeline, without which the children would have nothing.

These ongoing costs are in addition to other projects FOMO has successfully completed, including building the FOMO clinic, tailoring school, driving school and secondary school, which provides much needed school places for FOMO children.

The funds that are required to continue these essential operations are raised by volunteers and supporters of FOMO, who have been working tirelessly since FOMO began.  One year’s basic running costs are around £80,000, so it’s no small feat raising this amount each year and more for any additional projects.

To support this huge fundraising challenge and to create a hub for the charity’s activity FOMO have decided to set up their very first charity shop.

What’s the vision for the shop?

  • Based in South Ribble near Preston as this is the area FOMO are best known and where the founders Mary and Keith Woodworth and many of the volunteers live.
  • Raise the profile of FOMO in the local and wider community, thus increasing support and regular giving.
  • A fresh, modern looking shop that tells the story of FOMO from the beginning to future plans to share with people FOMO's fantastic achievements.
  • Information, photos and video footage of the FOMO children in Malawi to further engage the customers in FOMO’s story.
  • One employed shop manager with the support of 10 – 15 volunteers
  • Selling good quality, steam-cleaned clothes and other donated goods, with a particular emphasis on children’s clothes and goods.
  • Selling some new goods from Malawi such as printed material and wooden crafts.
  • To raise up to £10,000 a year which will directly fund FOMO’s activity in Malawi.


Opening a charity shop promises so many exciting opportunities for FOMO but it doesn’t happen overnight. The FOMO trustees agreed to the setting up of a Community Interest Company to run the shop, which has 5 directors who all have the interests of FOMO at the heart and centre of their actions.

The directors have produced a detailed business plan with cost forecasts over three years. They have established that £10,000 is needed in order to set up the shop and cover running costs for the first three months of operations while the shop becomes established. 

These initial set up costs would be used to take a lease on a retail unit, buy essential items like a till, safe, fixtures and fittings, and cover initial running costs, including a shop manager salary and utility bills.

It is projected that after the setup period of three months the shop will be self-sustaining and any surplus generated will be donated directly to FOMO.  

Can you help us raise the £10,000 we need to help vulnerable children in Malawi for the next 17 years to come?

£10 will buy 20 coat hangers for the shop

£25 will buy two shelves for the shop

£50 will buy a display rail for the shop

£100 will buy a clothes steamer for the shop

£230 will buy a sales counter for the shop

£300 will buy a till and card machine for the shop

£500 will buy a safe and a security system for the shop

£1000 will buy signage for the front of the shop

Please share this page with anyone else you think may be interested in supporting this cause!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, helping does make a difference.

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