Green Energy for Broadhurst Fields Changing Rooms

by Friends of Broadhurst Park CG in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Green Energy for Broadhurst Fields Changing Rooms


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This project will only be funded if at least £1,000 is pledged by May 27th 2019 at 12:00pm

We want to raise funds for solar panels for Broadhurst changing rooms, which we want to upgrade to a pavilion for the community

by Friends of Broadhurst Park CG in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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How much do we need to raise?

We want to raise £1,000 towards solar panels for our community changing rooms. 

We also have the opportunity of winning a further £5,000 as we have been selected as finalists by Projects that Matter: Greater Manchester. To celebrate the Mayor’s Green Summit, Crowdfunder has teamed up with M&S Energy to award £5,000 each to two green projects, the one that raises the most funding and the one that gets the most individual donations. 

Every Penny Counts!

Please help us reach our goal by donating whatever you can afford, even if this is just a small amount it counts! We have to reach our £1,000 target to collect the donations, the more people who donate gives us a chance of winning an extra £5,000!

Who are we?

We are the Friends of Broadhurst Park Community Group; a group of local people who are passionate about Broadhurst Park, Clough, and Playing Fields. 

We are all volunteers, who want to preserve and enhance the Park, Clough and Fields and encourage local people to use this beautiful local space for walks, activities and events.

The conservation of green space, caring for the environment and community cohesion is at the heart of everything we do. We believe caring for our environment and building strong communities goes hand in hand.

What do we want to do?

The changing rooms on Broadhurst Fields are run down and not fit for purpose. The building is sound in structure, but is currently nothing more than storage space. We want to bring it back into a usable space for the community.

We also want to ensure the building is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Our aim is to make the building as Green as we possibly can. Our starting point is to raise money for solar panels, in line with our Green sustainable building objective.

If we get enough support and are fortunate enough to win the £5,000 prize, some of this would go towards the solar panels and the rest would go towards achieving our wider vision for the changing rooms and Fields.

Our vision for the fields and changing rooms is for the building to become a mixed-use pavilion to include:

  • a functional changing rooms area which will promote the use of the Playing Fields for health driven community sports
  • a community tea room, where we can facilitate snack and chat activities to encourage community cohesion and combat social isolation
  • a community garden area, adjacent to the building, where the community can be involved in planting seeds/growing plants, for their own gardens/pots, the community garden, and parts of the Playing Fields, to increase local biodiversity
  • an art and craft space where we can promote our ‘junk to art’ ethos, and encourage recycling

We know this is no small task and as a local community group we will need to work hard to realise our dream but we are passionate and committed to improving our local environment. We will continue to work hard and fundraise to meet our aim of turning the changing rooms into an eco-friendly pavilion that can be enjoyed by the whole community. Read more about what we do and what our group brings to the local community.

More about us!

Our aim is to protect, preserve and enhance Broadhurst Park, Playing Fields, and Clough. We work closely with the Parks team to look at ways to improve these fabulous green beauty spots. Its an added bonus that the Clough is a Site of Biological Importance, and really is a hidden gem rich in biodiversity.

We want to get more people to spend more time reaping the benefits of being out in the Park, Playing Fields and Clough.

We work hard all year to raise funds to provide FREE community activities on the Playing Fields and Clough.

Our biggest event is our annual Summer Festival on Broadhurst Playing Fields, a fun filled day that brings the local community together!

We started with a small-scale fun day on Broadhurst Playing Fields in 2014, and about 500 people attended. The Summer Festival has grown each year and over 3000 people attended last year. This year’s Festival on the 4th August will be the 6th one so far.  The local and wider community now look forward to our Summer Festival as an annual community event. We host a mix of attractions, to ensure there is something for everyone, including traditional craft workshops and healthy high energy activities like bungee trampoline and climbing wall for those who want a bit more excitement. We have wildlife and environmental groups, and fun traditional fairground games (we are lucky to have a fab carpenter who makes them for us for free. We are also lucky to have volunteers who make the day possible).

We also host smaller scale activities throughout the year, for example bug hunt/pond dip, a wild bird nest box workshop, bat walks, fungal forays, and recycle craft events where we promote turning junk into art/recycling and traditional crafts. 

We want to preserve and enhance Broadhurst Clough and Playing Fields as open green spaces for all to enjoy. The work we do and all of our events & activities are focused on increasing public use of the land, bringing the community together, enhancing biodiversity, and raising awareness about the environment.

Please help us to reach our next step! Solar Panels for the Changing Rooms will help us realise our vision of turning the building into a Green environmentally friendly community pavilion!



Let's make 'Green Energy for Broadhurst Fields Changing Rooms' happen

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