Falmouth Community Fridge

by Robin Markland in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Falmouth Community Fridge
We did it
On 20th October 2021 we successfully raised £50 with 3 supporters in 56 days

To raise funds to help secure a more permanent venue for the Fridge and to help stock it if no food surplus is available.

by Robin Markland in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Bringing people together again -  for the greatest good. 

Our community fridge is a refrigerator in a public space, enabling healthy food to be shared within the community. The food items are sourced from local supermarkets, cafe's and veg' growers. The main goals are to prevent many tonnes of food waste going to land fill, strengthen and create more resilient communities and help to tackle local food poverty. The Fridge also boosts the social and environmental image of Falmouth in general.

Reducing food waste is one of the most attainable opportunity for individuals, companies and communities to contribute to reversing climate change, while simultaneously bringing greater food security to local people. 

We have already opened the Falmouth Community Fridge, but our venue, a local Church, is closing down. Our aim now is to secure a long term, sustainable venue and to increase the the number of people who benefit from the initiative as well as the positive environmental impact of the initiative. 

Positive impact:

• Provide meals for hundreds of local people.

• Empowers local people to engage with helping the environment.

• Will save thousands of edible food items being wasted annually.

• Prevents 100-200 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions every year.

• Emissions savings equivalent to driving approx' 300,000+ miles.

• Food waste is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

• Reducing food waste is the 3rd most effective way to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

• Eliminating avoidable food waste in the UK could save 38m tonnes CO2e per year

Over 12 months the fridge will have avoided over 25 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Food waste is generally overlooked as a big environmental issue yet it is responsible for 8-10% of the total human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. In the UK most food waste comes from households, with significant proportions of edible food also wasted by manufacturers, retailers, and hospitality and food services. When all of this thrown-away organic matter goes to landfill it breaks down to release gas that is composed of 50% methane and 50% carbon dioxide. Globally this contributes up to 70 million tonnes of emissions each year  - more than from coal mining and natural gas leaks combined.

Falmouth has some of the very highest levels of people living below the poverty line. How can a child go to school hungry and access a decent education? This is how poverty perpetuates from generation to generation within households. The Falmouth Community Fridge really is a lifeline for people and planet. 


During the height of the Pandemic, Community Heart, the organisation behind the Falmouth Community Fridge, distributed more than 6 Tonnes of fruit and veg to the most vulnerable people within a 10 mile radius of Falmouth. It was a moving thing to witness, vulnerable people literally in tears of relief when I delivered fresh produce to their door for free. 

Seeing the need adds further passion to provide long term, more sustainable methods. 

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