Fresh start for my family

Fresh start for my family

I am currently living in a women's refuge with my two small children (three and five) after having to flee our home.

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 We are currently living in a Women's Refuge, after having to flee our home two weeks ago.  I am looking for any financial help and support to try and help us to somehow rebuild our lives.

I have three children, an 18 year old daughter, five year old daughter and three year old son.  We left the marital home 18 months ago because of continuous domestic abuse and him being unfaithful numerous times.  Despite trying to make the split as easy as possible, he has continued to harrass and scare us at every opportunity.  Harrassment notices and non molestation orders have been issued, but there always seems to be a way around the flimsy laws.


We were literally given no choice by the authorities but to leave the area and go to a refuge.  In six hours we had to pack up as much as we could of our belongings.  We have left behind much of what we own,our home and memories, as well as my business, the children's school, friends and family (who arent allowed to know our address) My eldest daughter is at university, and distraught at whats happened and y youngest are both upset and confused.


It is going to take a long time to get back to anything near the life we had, and the emotional healing will take much longer.  If anyone can help in any little way, it could make a huge difference.


I would like to email anyone that does support us, with regular updates on how we are doing.  I'm not a lazy person...I was a self employed baker and when we find a suitable new home I will hopefully start this up again (although from scratch may take a lot of time and money!)  For the moment, the children desperately need clothes, uniforms, furniture etc...everything that will go into making a safe, happy place for them to live

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