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To rent a location and build a stock of cars for sale

by Fresh start in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

In 2008 I was left a single father, to a baby with chronic kidney failure and only one kidney at stage 4/5.   I kept him alive with love, dedication and medicine every 15 minutes 24 hours a day,  in 2010 I donated my kidney as my sons single kidney had failed,  it has taken years to get him to a level of health and stability where I can start my life again.   But I have fallen flat on my face as no employer is interested as I have no work history for 10 years.  

I am a fabulous business man,  I can sell property to cars, I am smart, truthful and well spoken.  I am a leader and fit into any circumstances.   I flourish in business, but have lost my feeling of being a gentleman, thus having a position of feeling as though I am not a good father as I can not provide for my son, but more about the image I install within him of the importance of work 

If I am able to fulfil this then I wish to employ others that have faced these issues after donating an organ,   And give an amount each year back to kidney research 

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