by Kareen Holt in London, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

All my stuff has been stolen in Brisbane ... SUITCASE, PASSPORT, VISA & ACCOUT EMPTIED Was devastated but HAPPY AS MET BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

by Kareen Holt in London, England, United Kingdom

Today I need to work to get money for accommodation and food. The way around is to get a student visa. The lady is happy to make instalments for me because of my story without added fees.

It comes up to 5k$ all together ...

Basically 2.5k£ 

To get started I need £1k but can’t work as no visa and my bank won’t give me a loan as I don’t have a job...

Here’s the plan : can we try and gather £1k!? I LL PAY BACK AS SOON AS I GET PAID (as a student visa gives me the right to work 20h/week and full time holidays and days off)

The scholarship is Yoga, Surf and Personal’Training ! I’ll pay you back CASH OR TRANSFER and you get free sessions and French Chocolate Fondants & Home made Cocktails - France, UK & Australia...

Kisses sausages 

And don’t Forget ;Not all ones that wonder are lost ;)

The one that doesn’t travel is only reading the first page of a great book

Frenchie on the loose ???? 

Ps : only solution is prostitution... no visa required but I don’t have the right skills!

Also: Thanks to the lovely Dominatrix prostitute , the sweet Church lady, the Salvation Army, cute Cleaning lady at Nomads, Peter and so many more ...


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£8 or more


Caution : might DIE BUT HEY HO

£20 or more

Free Yoga session

Available in :FR,UK & AUS WITH HOT CHICK

£25 or more

Free Surfing class !

Available in :FR,UK & AUS WITH HOT CHICK

£50 or more

Free Personal Training session

Available in :FR,UK & AUS WITH HOT CHICK

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