Winter swim to warm children's hearts

by William in London, Greater London, England

Winter swim to warm children's hearts

Raise money for ROKPA GB, a charity focused on helping to feed, educate and offer medical aid to street children in Nepal and other areas.

by William in London, Greater London, England

We did it
On 8th December 2017 we successfully raised £270 with 15 supporters in 21 days

Dear Friends,

Hopefully you are all enjoying the run up to the festive season and looking forward to celebrating with your friends and family!

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is as well off as we are. 

Therefore I am hoping to raise some money for those who are truly in need.

Who will benefit?

ROKPA GB (, a charity focused on helping to feed, educate and offer medical aid to street children in Nepal and other areas.

All donations I receive will go to ROKPA.

What is the challenge?

Anyone who has ever wanted to see me don a pair of swimming trunks, together with a Santa Claus hat, and jump into ice cold water: Today is your lucky day!

I intend to go for a refreshing dip in Hampstead Heath men's bathing pond.

The goal is to stay in the water for at least 1 minute.

When will it take place?

12 midday on Sunday, 3rd December.

How much should I donate?

Donations of any amount, small or large, are greatly appreciated.

Optional incentive:

As an additional incentive and to make the challenge more fun, sponsors have the option to multiply their donations by the number of minutes I manage to stay in the water.

For instance: 

Initial donation:  £10

Time in water: 3 minutes

Optionaldonation after challenge is completed:  £20 

(£10 x 3 minutes  = £30 - £10 initial donation).

The subsequent donation is absolutely optional made at the discretion of each individual sponsor.

All those considering to multiply their donation are kindly asked to make a reminder in their diary and check this website on 4th December for updates on how long I managed to stay in the water.

What's in it for you?

As well as supporting a very beneficial cause, you will have the opportunity to watch me freeze my bum off wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a Santa Clause hat!

London residents are welcome to attend the event and join us for a drink afterwards.

Those who cannot make it will be rewarded with photos and perhaps even video footage, which will be updated on this site.

Thank you very much for your support and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Warm regards


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