#FreeFromDiets Campaign

by Molly Forbes in United Kingdom

We did it
On 19th March 2020 we successfully raised £1,025 with 75 supporters in 48 days

To fund a series of free workshops, resources for teachers and youth workers to help promote positive body image in schools and kids clubs.

by Molly Forbes in United Kingdom

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Kirsty Firth 1st March 2020

Absolutely love this. My little girl is 4 months old and already this is on my mind. I too wish I'd had the confidence when I was younger that I do now. A confidence I only found in pregnancy and beyond weirdly. Big love to all.

Laura Beautiful Bod Gray 9th February 2020

My kid should be worrying about what colour her imaginary unicorn's mane is and how many cartwheels she can do before she hurls, not what her body looks like, or what she 'shouldn't' be eating

Ashleigh 3rd February 2020

#freefromdiets campaign is so important to ensuring children develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies and I wanted to share my story. My Mum has been on diets her whole life and from a very young age I remember having to go to weight watchers with her after school (which was held at our school’s church next door). At the age of 14 I was already a member myself. Over the years I have joined weight watchers 3x and slimming world 4x - a miserable journey of yo-yo dieting! My local slimming world group is held inside a school at their netball centre and only 6 months ago when I was a member, I saw that children under 18 were members attending with their parents. I can speak from my personal experience that growing up with a diet culture ruined my relationship with food and body image and I’m only just starting to rebuild that at the age of 27. Your campaign is so inspiring - Keep up the fantastic work!

Charity Atkinson 1st February 2020

The work you so is so important!! I work as a teacher and cannot express how much influencers like yourself have helped in discussing the toxicity of diet culture with students. I feel like every teacher should know how to nurture body neutrality and positivity in schools. Backing you all the way!! Xx

Laura Francis 1st February 2020

Having been negatively influenced and exposed to diet culture from a very young age, resulting in my eating disorder I find this campaign is a huge relief. Knowing that people are fighting so hard to change the diet industry and how it impacts ourselves and our young people is jusy incredible.

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