FreeFall – Sky Free Falling

Adventure Free fall game through the sky, avoid rotating obstacles, collect cash

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You love free falling or gravity games? Get ready to play an amazing free falling adventure game with a new blend of fun. FreeFall – Sky Free Falling is a unique game for you to enjoy a top class gaming experience with a 3D character. While falling freely through the sky, you will experience different kind of objects on your journey downwards. You will find rotating objects, obstacles and cash stacks while falling. You will have to avoid rotating objects and other obstacles while collecting cash stacks.

The game is sure to make you go nuts with its beautifully designed gameplay. As the name says you fall freely on the effect of gravity while avoiding obstacles. This is total fun and amusing. This is perfect game with lots of challenges and amusement all over.

“FreeFall – Sky Free Falling” will make you go crazy and is very easy to play with intuitive gaming controls. Just move left and right to avoid obstacles and enjoy the awesome sound effects. The game gets very exciting when you can compete with other players. Challenge your friends by scoring the highest points and prove your gaming skills. So keep scoring and competing!

The game also has a beautifully designed 3D character to play the game with. You score higher based on the number of seconds that you survive without hitting an obstacle and the amount of cash that you collect.

★ Easy game control – just move left or right while falling
★ Avoid rotating objects and other obstacles
★ Collect cash stacks while falling freely
★ Compete with global players
★ Unlock additional characters
★ Unlock new game skins

So, what are you waiting for? Just play this amazing “Freefall – Sky Free Falling” game to enjoy free falling adventure game.