Freedom To Roam

A TV show launch about wild camping. Giving advice and location reports. Any suggestions on other rewards are gratefully accepted.

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Freedom to roam

Freedom to Roam will be a TV show and YouTube Channel dedicated to showing people the wilder side of camping, with location reports, equipment advice and show the ups and downs of our endeavors.

This first campaign is to fund the Pilot episode and launch of the website, YouTube Channel etc. We have already discussed the show with TV stations and the shows format has been accepted. Once this first stage is complete we can start to get advertising revenue to help support the shows production.

If you fancy a real taste of the great outdoors - away from the suburbia - try wild camping, the views are much better and it won't cost the earth. You genuinely feel part of the countryside, not removed from it.

Only getting back to nature can replenish the soul, and what could be better on a late spring morning more than dusting off the tent from the loft and heading out into our countryside with a adventure on our minds. The comforting rustle of a night breeze or the light pitter patter of the rain on the canvas, that pleasing view as the sun bursts into colour through the tree lined horizon. The scurrying of early morning wildlife playing around the guy ropes, there's just nothing like camping for getting away from it all and getting back to nature.

Sadly the reality, as anyone who has ever stayed in a tent knows, are often poles apart. Even with the best laid plans trips can go horribly wrong, campsite even relatively quiet ones seldom include escaping the inane midnight drunken chatter of nearby tent dwellers and their hyperactive children, or, worse still, the glampers satellite television. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against organized site (I do still use them occasionally). But what could be better than leaving it all behind and enjoying the planet we inhabit?

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