Help American who was treating our mum in Rio

by Adriana Hands in London, England, United Kingdom


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Wallace’s in jail w/out a trial for illegally cultivating plants to produce her oil. She needed to get better b4 this September.

by Adriana Hands in London, England, United Kingdom

What is this campaign about?

Wallace has been held in prison, for almost 3 months, without a hearing.

This campaign is aimed to support a mother of 7 children, who had lost her hope in life and suddenly find someone to turn it all around. 

Our declaration:

Our mother, Adriana Hands, has suffered from depression for a long time, although she has tried to hide it from us as much as she could.

Last year she announced that she was ready to end her life in September 2019. We were all extremely shocked as we did not realise the extent of her condition. Nothing we could say would change her mind, making us feel helpless.

At the end of 2018, Tristan went to stay in Rio with our mum for a few months. He tried to help her come up with different solutions to ease the depression until finally they came across Wallace who volunteered to help grow medical plants in an attempt to use it as a cure for her. They are not permitted in Brazil.

Samantha and James visited Rio in March 2019 and they could see a visible improvement in her mood - she was eating better, looked healthier, and happier - all talk of suicide was gone.

This America/Brazilian Botanist provided an alternative treatment based on the expansion of organic natural cures that go against the confusing & hypocritical Brazilian laws.

Why is this important?

His care has made her better than ever.

We are loyal to his efforts.

We share Wallace’s belief that his talent can help humanity.

He also suffers from the same suicidal condition, as well as migraine and a problematic skin condition, Psoriasis.     We are very worried about our mother’s reaction if Wallace’s health & safety is compromised. He’s being held in a cell with a variety number of real criminals.

Our objective is that he can respond to this charges in the safety of his home.

Why is this happening?

The lack of knowledge showing by most of the officers who investigate these cases, contribute to the unfairness in justice in many parts of the world. They are not well trained to distinguish expert growers from street sellers. The difference is enormous.

What’s the difference?

A grower is someone who produces organic flowers full of medicinal crystals.

These buds are cultivated under a long and precise process. From seeding to growing into the healthiest strain possible & at the same time, trying copying nature indoors is challenging.

Just to give U an idea, growing these plants requires more attention than a mother nursin a baby. Growers cannot leave their plantation alone, not even for one day.

I’d ask you to kindly read this article that highlights:

Botany & gardening may seem like genteel professions to some people, but highly trained and qualified botanists will be responsible for the future prosperity and comfort of our children, grandchildren, and even the future of our species.’ 

Full article:


Who is Wallace?

Meet Wallace Callaway, 36 American:Brazilian researcher, living in Rio de Janeiro for 9 yrs. 

Despite been neglected & discriminated for having an inquisitive mind from a young age, he never lost his grip & became a rare expert.

He has shown a lot of faith under this mission. When he was questioned why?  He replied: “It is what it is”. 

Wallace was long suffering from a deep depression due to his alcoholism, when he offered to stop drinking in order to help our mum and himself. He’s got no one on his side and we run out of funds. 

We heard from many people he has helped before. All willing to support his cause.

What is the story behind it?

Wallace was arrested, on the 31st May this year., at his home in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro. At the time, his arrest was shown all over the news, TV, & radios. Media in Brazil, stating sensationalism, instead of  the real reason. 

This experience has been of great value us all. His solicitors & her doctor, have been constructing a good defense case and hopefully with a bit more of time & funds, it’ll happen.

How can I help?

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Let’s get him out of this inhuman jail to respond these accusations at home.


Adriana Hands


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We’ve no words to thank you enough.❤️

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