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Hear Me Out, Freedom Project

by Shabnam Mughal in Smethwick, England, United Kingdom

Hear Me Out, Freedom Project
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To create a youth provision for the area, increase community cohesion & disability access through various impacting projects

by Shabnam Mughal in Smethwick, England, United Kingdom

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read our story. So I have been working for the Abrahamic Foundation for a year now and my background being in the charity sector. This is a charity that is doing work directly to people here, looking at wanting to expand its services and help to make the building a better place for the community. 

So you may be thinking.... OK here we go again another plea... but it is for a great cause. With this funding that hopefully you will be helping us with, we would like to get our lift fixed and provide 2 youth clubs for the youth in and around the locality. We are based in a highly deprived area and we would like to help increase the chances of the young people to have brighter futures and less chances of them getting involved in gangs, drug running over county lines etc.  

Working with people from different generations, and giving back to the community through different projects.  One project we would like to start through the youth work, is going to an old people’s home spending time with people who have no one, and invite them over to the youth club and have a tea party that the young people have organised.  In addition to this working with other volunteers on homelessness projects.

This will lead to them being better citizens, having that time and build and connect with people, helping with educational attainment and aspirational goals. This money will help build and impact people who have only this left as a last string of hope, someone to talk to and ask advice from when they don't have it.

In regards to the lift element of this funding, we would like for it to be repaired, this will help our building to be more accessible to those with disabilities as currently they can only access through the basement and we have activities throughout the building.




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Lift Repair

To go towards repairing the lift in our community facility

£10 or more

Youth Equiptment

To help with youth equipment in the building

£10 or more

Community Outreach Work

To be able to work with other people in the community from the homeless and the elderly

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