by Sarah H in London, England, United Kingdom

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9k towards my degree (can show you proof), the rest is to purchase flight tickets and accom to RUN abroad, change my identity and start LIFE

by Sarah H in London, England, United Kingdom

If you are reading this, I am grateful for YOU!

Where do I begin... The most unfortunate thing to happen to me was that I was born a WOMAN in a crazy Islamic family system. I am trapped by my family and society and have lived a life of hell. I have been trying to *break free* for as long as I can remember... but I have been limited financially. At first, I wasn't allowed to have an education, I was barred from the *outside world* but luckily for me, i discovered literature and then the Internet! I was then given an ultimatum: Either I marry who *they* wanted me to, or I stay locked at home. I have since been living inside a dark room for years, isolated from the outside world... I have always been forced to cover my face with a niqab (burka) and have not been allowed to mingle with anybody outside of my *cult* like family/system.

I am an extremely resourceful person, hardworking, have tried hard to remain positive and mentally strong despite all of the abuse. I self-published a book without a publisher (it has great reviews on Amazon). Sadly, because I have no access to outside world ( I can't leave home unattended) I have been unable to find a publisher or to make money from it. (Not that this was the main reason for writing it). I offered my book for FREE and it reached Amazon no1 a few times under women's category. Naturally, I write about the plight of middle eastern women...

 I want to break free once and for all. This is my last shot at *FREEDOM*... I am losing my mind and the will to carry on. The days are long and dark. I have no purpose in life... I am desperate to move abroad and have been forging a plan behind my captors backs for the past year. I have the plans in place ready to move to Canada, I just need the funding.

I am ready to talk to anybody who will listen to my story. I can prove everything. Please find it in your heart to help me.. I have never reached out my hand to ask anybody for anything. I am far too shy and have always thought it was undignified. This is the FIRST time and hopefully the last time, i will have to do this. I promise to utilise EVERY penny in a good way and will appreciate and HONOUR even a tiny donation or just a comment- both will help bump up this page and give me the awareness I SO DESPERATELY need.

If you can share this page, I would be forever indebted to you! 

My purpose in life is to empower and educate other women to break free once I have done the same. 

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave any questions. I will keep updating this section.

Much Love to you.

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