Batley & Spen By Election Campaign

by Freedom Alliance in Clayton West, England, United Kingdom

Batley & Spen By Election Campaign
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To support and promote Freedom Alliance's candidate Jonathan Tilt standing in the Batley & Spen By Election on 1st July 2021.

by Freedom Alliance in Clayton West, England, United Kingdom

“Are you worried that the freedom to go about your daily life without interference will never be given back?  Have you suffered loss or harm from failed lockdown policies?  Do you believe in your right to make informed, uncoerced medical decisions?  Do you feel as though politicians don’t listen to your concerns? 

Well, there is an alternative political party, and we are called the Freedom Alliance.  We have brought together campaigners from many different backgrounds, but who all share the same commitment to protecting your personal liberty, sovereignty, and human rights. 

While our party is new, your rights and freedoms are not.  But although we have long taken them for granted, our rights as individuals will constantly be under threat if we don’t collectively fight to protect them.

Our members want to protect your freedom – your freedom of association and assembly, your freedom to operate a business and earn a living, your freedom to speak freely on the issues that concern you, and your freedom to make decisions on what medical treatment you receive.  Our members believe strongly that the best person to make the important decisions that affect your life and your wellbeing is you, and that the state should not dictate or restrict your rights and freedom. 

Getting that message across is challenging as the Government and UK media do not share your concerns.  The Government and media have proven themselves to be pro-lockdown and anti-medical freedom, without any consideration for the practical and ethical issues these raise.  They want you to believe that your concerns are wrong and are not widely shared by others, but this is simply untrue.  The Government want to ignore you, and they want to ignore us, but we will not go away.  They want you to believe that resistance is futile, but it isn’t and we believe you should be able to vote for a party that shares your beliefs and will stand up for them.  The Government wants you to believe that as they have promised to return your freedoms in full on 21 June, that voting for the Freedom Alliance would be pointless, but you know and we know that this Government has consistently broken its promises. 

Politicians hold your individual rights and freedom in their hands, so let’s vote in some politicians who actually share those values and will work tirelessly to protect them.”

Promoted by Angelica Duncan on behalf of Jonathan Tilt and Freedom Alliance all of P.O.Box 215, Clayton West. Huddersfield HD8 1FF

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