Free yoga and mindfulness for 5000 children

Free yoga and mindfulness for 5000 children

The Yogi Together Foundation aim to deliver free yoga and mindfulness classes for 5000 of the most deprived children in Lancashire

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our aim is to deliver a programme that opens up a child's imagination and helps to develop children emotionally and physically, improve their concentration, listening skills, improved mental health and social interaction. We make yoga and mindfulness fun for all children.

In an ever increasing fast paced environment for children, it is important for them to release anxieties, helping them deal with mental health issues. Through our classes, we teach them breathing and relaxation techniques to help release these anxieties, which in turn helps children improve their concentration levels and sleeping patterns.

Our classes consist of a gentle warm up, a FUN adventure yoga story, games, followed by cool down, mindfulness relaxation & positivie affimations 

Our classes are imaginative, dynamic and inspiring, whether is it through an adventure zoom to the moon or a dive to the bottom of the deep blue sea. Each story has a positive message in its delivery, and they cover issues affecting the day to day lives of children.

As well as benefiting children, they benefit the whole family by releasing stress and being a confidential place to share worries. The classes encourage physical activity, healthy mind and body and positive thinking.

We have already year to date made a positive difference to over 2'000 children under the age of 12 across Lancashire with our service - help us to continue on our misson of making a real difference