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Free The Mind

Production of a 4 CD audio pack ~ FREE THE MIND. A groundbreaking revolution in personal development. 5% of sales donated to

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Simon Lee, Human Experience Coach, releases new Audio 4 CD Box Set, ‘Free the Mind’

Simon Lee, a Human Experience Coach with nearly four decades of experience in helping to transform people’s lives through his guidance and coaching, is launching a new audio CD, ‘Free the Mind’.

‘Free the Mind’, brings a breakthrough, revolutionary approach to the rapid expansion of mental health issues here in the UK and worldwide. Simon is the first person to teach three essential elements at the same time to achieve permanent personal transformation. These three elements are:

  • Psychology – Our thought process, how we think about ourselves and others.
  • Physiology – How we move and exercise to challenge existing thoughts and beliefs via the body.
  • Energy –The food we eat and how it affects our minds.

Simon claims that if one of these three elements is missing, full recovery or accessing our own human potential is not possible. His uncompromising approach makes no excuse for challenging our common misconceptions about personal development and what makes us at peace.

The ‘Free the Mind’ audio CD’s offer a new and exciting approach to mental health issues and covers the inner stillness and space we all have and how this can be accessed to free the mind from suffering and fear.

Simon feels passionately about helping those who suffer with all aspects of mental illness, so much so he’s giving five percent from each CD bought to a charity close to his heart – MIND; an organisation who dedicate their work to assisting those with depression and other life altering mental conditions.

‘Free the Mind’ will be released as soon as we have funding for production of the CD's and will be available to purchase via his website 


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Track list:

Topics include:

  • The myth of the “becoming” mindset; how we gain though loss and not adding on.
  • How focusing on the physical look of exercise destroys its’ true potential.
  • Finding our way out of a society of conformity.
  • Why suffering is a collective issue and not individual.
  • Why when we use the term “MIND” we must include the body.
  • The heightening of suffering by trying to think differently to how we are feeling.
  • Why feelings are more reliable than thoughts.
  • The relationship between emotional attachments and fear.
  • The trigger effect; how we become controlled by other people.
  • Mindspace; how everything manifests from no thought.
  • How to create space within us to facilitate change.

What people are saying:

“Simon’s approach forges a new path in the field of personal development.”
~ Jenny Pickering Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

“ …self-discipline and enabled me to handle the stress due to the strong philosophy of discovering the truth in who you are.”
~ David Jordan, Head Chef

” I have been on medication since I was 12 years old, and I am now coming off the drugs.”
~ Jasper Murrey, Martial Artist

“Personally it made me realise where my true calling in life is and what I should really do...”
~ Steve Head, Business owner

“…giving me a reason to quit a cocaine addiction of 11 years.”
~ Adam, General Manager

“…people I haven’t seen in a while actually think I’m a different person.”
~ Gill Featherstone, Quantity Surveyor

“…finding out who I am has enabled me to speak with confidence and believe in what I am saying.”
~ Neil Scott, Business Owner


CD Front Cover:


Biography page, inside sleeve:

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