Free Tai Chi classes in the park

Provide free Tai Chi classes in the park, set up a website and fund a village roadshow to promote Tai Chi in the park across the country.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Funding is requested for an ongoing, not-for-profit, community project providing free Tai Chi classes in the park.

Hermitagetaiji aims to promote and deliver free Tai Chi classes for everyone and anyone; especially for people who would not normally be able to afford to pay for Tai Chi lessons. People on the lowest incomes tend to have the poorest health but anyone can do Tai Chi, regardless of age or level of fitness. Traditionally, Tai Chi is practised in the parks and this ancient form of Chinese exercise has been proven to benefit health and wellbeing, including:- providing a therapeutic effect for people suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, pulmonary heart disease and diabetes. My Tai Chi journey started 18 years ago when I suffered a serious injury that caused major health problems. I started practising Tai Chi as a form of physiotherapy and it helped with my recovery but it has also benefitted my long term health, ever-since.

It is a Chinese tradition that if you know Tai Chi then you should share this knowledge for the benefit of others. I am now registered as a Tai Chi instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and through Hermitagetaiji we will enable others to start their own Tai Chi journey. Free classes have now started in Levengrove Park, Dumbarton and Hermitage Park, Helensburgh, Scotland, (photos of the classes can be seen on the Hermitagetaiji Facebook page).

Hermitagetaiji is also about communication; not only do we want to keep these classes going but we want to promote and educate people about Tai Chi in the park. A dedicated Hermitagetaiji channel has been set up on Youtube but funding is also needed to set-up a website and also to fund a ‘village roadshow’. This will enable a Tai Chi instructor to go around the country, linking with NHS health improvement coordinators and local authority greenspace managers, helping to share the benefit of Tai Chi with a wider audience.  

In the Chinese Taoist tradition the peach tree is sacred, with your support we can plant the seed of a tree that will one day flourish as a wider Tai Chi community.

Tai Chi should be for everyone. With your support we can provide:-

    • Full time salary for a Tai Chi instructor for a year of £16,250 (at the living wage of £8.45 per hour).
    • Travel costs for a Tai Chi ‘village roadshow’ of £1,800
    • To set-up a website at £700
    • To purchase a HD video camera to create online learning content with £500

Target Total: £25,000


Every donor will receive a specially designed thankyou message that will include a unique and one-off piece of artwork with Chinese calligraphy.

Every donor (who wishes to be thanked publicly) will have their name recorded on a special donors page on the website.

All donors will receive regular communication regarding the progress of the Hermitagetaiji project through the website.