Free Photography Tuition Programme

Free Photography Tuition Programme

Raising money to support our scheme, helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds develop the skills necessary to be a Photographer

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What we are offering

Free Photographic tuition in our studio in Central London. Courses are operated by our Professional team that work full time in the industry, to give students the chance to be creative and help develop skills towards becoming a working Photographer.

Courses will be made up of weekly programs and run for 6 and 12 months. Students are requested to be in the studio once a week for a group lesson. 

Each course will have a limit of 15 students per class to ensure quality tuition.

Why we are doing this

Able young people from disadvantaged backgrounds lose out at every stage in our education system. The poorest children are 19 months behind on school readiness at the age of five. Those who are shown to be bright in their national tests at 11 are barely half as likely as their more advantaged classmates to get the A-levels they need to go to a good university.

There are around 3,000 students every year with the grades to go to the best dozen or so universities who do not end up there due to funding gaps. 

Utilising our knowledge as a Professional Photographic Studio, we are creating free courses to help students aged 16+ to develop the necessary skills and experience to become Photographers.

Our courses will run for 6 and 12 months part time.

The course structure includes hands on experience shooting a wide range of subjects from products to people and locations, as well as hands on post production training in Adobe CC.

We will invite guest Professional Photographers to give inside knowledge of the industry and work alongside some of the main london model agencies to give a second to none course. 

Students will come away from the course with a full range of photographic experience including:

  • Digital SLR handling
  • Flash and Continuos lighting skills
  •  Advanced retouching techniques
  • Working with Stylists and Makeup artists
  • Pitching for work
  • Organising a shoot and budgeting 

Who we are helping

The courses will be run for Students aged 16+, who come from a family earning less than £15000 per year or have other contributing factors.

What we need

We are currently running our business from a serviced office and it is not practical to organize courses during the evenings and weekends. We need to raise funds to help  move to a suitable creative space  and cover the initial setup costs.