Free Online Education for Everyone At UNI24x7

Free Online Education for Everyone At UNI24x7

Help fund an online course delivery service for people of all ages to teach and learn.

We did it!

On 9th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Have you have ever been a student, wanted to succeed but your budget was slowing you down? Then you can imagine the position we are in.

At uni24x7 we believe that education is the key. The issue is that only a good one can open the doors to a better future. After finishing their studies many graduates soon realise that getting a degree from a traditional university is not always the right path to achieving their dreams. Why? You name it: high fees, trouble covering all the expenses, outdated curriculum and the list goes on.

Uni24x7 aims to help overcome these problems by providing students with a platform which allows them to learn the skills they need in a time they have. We give our students a chance to improve their practical skills, give them guidance about how to lead their life and also broaden their horizon about various social trends and issues. We cover a broad range of topics includin such as entrepreneurship, personal developmeny or fitness.

We want to be democratic and make the access to our courses possible for as many  students as we can. That's why we need your help. Currently we offer both paid and unpaid courses. The free education we offer is financed from student fees and advertising. Unfortunately, these methods do not alwas raise enough money for all our expenses.

If you decide to contribute you can help us not only to cover that gap in budget but also finance our new marketing plan which is designed to generate us a more stable income.

We could also hire more staff and improve the platform by offering more courses.

Thank your for taking time to read about our cause. We are more than grateful for any sum you could spare to help ua keep going. Also, if your friends are also fans of flexible online education feel free to share the news about this campaign via social media.

Thanks you and have a nice day.


Team at Uni24x7

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