Free me from ex's debt prison

by Desperate help in Beverley, England, United Kingdom

Free me from ex's debt prison
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

9yrs it's taken to get to 10k from 38k... time this was over .... please

by Desperate help in Beverley, England, United Kingdom

So here's the full story... 9rs ago my now ex walked out to start his life with the woman he'd been living a double life with... nice-right?!.. so off he went, got married and had a kid.. leaving me with 38k worth of debt to clear up..  9yrs later, a mega personal battle between living and paying debts, I'm down to 10k.. Well done me, it's never ending, I can't move on with my life while this hangs over me, it's like a led weight of reminder what the rat did to me... that's why I'm here.. hoping and pleeding to get rid of him once and for all...

Help free me from his debt prison he put me in 

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