Free Food in Warrington

by Abbie McGann in Warrington, Cheshire, England

Free Food in Warrington

To provide emergency food parcels to the most needy in Warrington, as a stop gap until they’re in a better position to help themselves.

by Abbie McGann in Warrington, Cheshire, England

We did it
On 7th March 2018 we successfully raised £172 with 15 supporters in 56 days

***The AMAZING members of our group continue to contact the admin team to offer donations for our group to continue the invaluable work we are doing, we can not accept monetary donations direct to our bank accounts as this would become a business transaction and we are not a business, however by building this CrowdFunding Page we intend to invest any donations into food parcels for the most needy families of Warrington and the surrounding areas*** 

***Thank you all SO SO much for your continued support - you truly are AMAZING!*** 


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A little bit about our facebook group  - Free Food in Warrington

❤️ Let’s make a difference ❤️

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Group Admins:

Abbie McGann

Amber Clark

Hannah Gleave

Lucy Richards

Rachel Smiler Berwick

This group is to give FREE food away that is close to its use by date to others who could benefit from your waste! This will enable us to help others whilst lowering waste, which in turn, will help to save our environment.

The average household wastes £700 a year on food by throwing it away - think smart, why not put it on here and give it away to someone who could really benefit from it rather than throw it away?


⭐️ No cooked foods please, only packaged and in date foods will be accepted, all other posts will be deleted by admin.

⭐️ This is a FREE food group only, anyone trying to SELL or make money from the food they give away will be deleted and banned from the group.

⭐️ Only FOOD can be given away for free on this group, please use other groups for anything non edible.

⭐️ Strictly no advertising, links, promotions or offers are to be added to this group - please post free food items only - anything else will be deleted.

⭐️ All users should appreciate that others may also be in need and limit their takings to one post per week - if you are in need of additional food, please private message admin  who will do their upmost to find alternative support for you.

⭐️ Food goes on a first commented or private messaged served basis, if confirmation of collection is not arranged within 2hrs - food will go to the next person on the post. NOTE: All PM’s for food MUST be authorised by admin, this is to protect the food giver and to ensure the site rule of one food post per member, per week is being adhered to. Anyone caught trying to go “under the radar” from admin by PM’ing members asking for their second food post that week will be instantly banned! Deception from members will NOT be tolerated!

⭐️ No alcohol is permitted to be given away on this site - anyone posting alcohol will be given a final warning by admin.

⭐️ All food asked for will be expected to be COLLECTED by the person asking for the food - any delivery requests will not be authorised by admin, it is up to the food donator and the collector to arrange collection between themselves - anyone caught asking the food giver to deliver will be given a final warning by admin.

⭐️ Please be kind, remember - it’s nice to be nice! Anyone not adhering to this rule will again be deleted and banned.

‼️ The food giver accepts no responsibility or liabilities if the food donated is not in perfect condition - it is up to the receiver to decide if they want the food or not, therefore, the receiver accepts all responsibility and liabilities from the point of acceptance ‼️

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