Free books for the homeless and for foster parents

To print 1000 copies of Poems From a Runaway and give 500 away to homeless rough sleepers, day centres and foster parents internationally

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Before I go on to explain what Poems From a Runaway is  here’s two typical things that a few people are saying about the book.

“I didn’t realise it was going to be that thick.” (The book, not me lol)  …. And - “Love it, I couldn’t stop reading it.”

Their words not mine, but it was always what I'd wanted – mission successful.

Not only that, but something I’d also wanted whilst writing the book, was for it to be liked by people that don’t read a lot also, and the feedback from different readers seems to have manifested positively.

After releasing just a few copies to help tide me over the Christmas period, I knew a much bigger relaunch was needed. So here it is! 

(It’s been great to test the waters though!)

What is Poems From a Runaway?

It’s a 350 page (in its A5 colour form) short novel, written completely in poetry and is also a true story about my life being a runaway from nine years old, running away to London at 12 and by the age of thirteen living in doorways in the centre of London having ran away from various foster parents and children’s homes in Staffordshire, UK.

To find out more about how I became a runaway and how I ended up on a train to London, and a few stories from the streets, you can read fourteen of the sixty poems online for free at

To put it simply, Poems From a Runaway is a true story, in poetry, about a young lad that starts running away from home at the age of nine, and by eleven going missing for weeks on end and sleeping in parks. By twelve he found himself in Whitechapel in London’s east end having being taken under the wing of prostitutes, drug addicts and homeless street characters.
After a significant event happens (No spoilers!) , at thirteen he finds himself sleeping rough in the middle of London, and here are his true stories.

My mission – in a nutshell.

To raise £20,000 for not only the costs involved in this marketing campaign such as the events in the pledges, but to give away around 500 free books to foster parents, social workers, homeless rough sleepers, and parents from struggling families with particular family relationship difficulties.

Why I need £20,000 and what exactly I need it for.

£9,000 for a print run of 1500 copies of Poems From a Runaway.
If I am giving away 500 books, this will enable me to supply enough books for the crowdfunding campaign and not find myself dead in my tracks due to a lack of stock and funds simultaneously .

£2,000 approx for distribution costs such as postage, packaging and deliveries.

£2,000 towards travel and accommodation costs for my events during my summer campaign.

Approx £3,000 towards practical campaign materials for all events including the Guided tours of London, marketing and technology/media materials and accessories.

Approx £2,000 towards the costs of setting up the pre-relaunch and relaunch party.

£2,000 towards crowdfunder fees and other costs.

What you can get in return for your hard earned cash

So Poems From a Runaway is finally complete. An actual book, and people are loving it.

If this is your first time discovering my true-story novel completely in poetry, about my life being a runaway from nine years old and living on the streets at thirteen, then feel free to read 14 of the 60 poems from my book on my blogsite by CLICKING HERE

At the end of 2017, after a rollercoaster of a year with many twists and turns,  I managed to successfully self-publish my novel-in poetry.

Throughout this journey I always said that I wanted to make a book that people that were generally non-book readers would also love. And I’m glad to say that it certainly seems mission successful, with people from all across the spectrum loving it. I just need to get it out there now to a wider audience.

I'm really grateful for the feedback from folk telling me how they couldn’t put the book down and that they thought it was addictive! Perhaps there really is a place for me in the writing world yet.
You can see some of the reviews from my non-signed black and white version at

But throughout all this, I myself have always known, and others have been telling me, that there are places this book should be, and people that should have them.

So I have decided to launch this crowdfunder, so that people can personally donate a copy of their book to a service of their choice.
Please note however, due to some of the extreme content in this book, it isn’t suitable for young children.

However, it would be perfect in the hands of social workers, foster parents, probation workers, youth workers, on the shelves of homeless day centres and I’m even wondering if my book could do well in prisons as you really don’t need to be an intellectual to read my book, which is written in simple and honest working-class dialect. 

So I’d love to give  over 500 copies away , and I’ve thought up a really personal and warm way to do this.
Not only will I sign the books you order for yourself, but I will also write ‘THIS BOOK WAS DONATED TO ****** BY (your name)

Who knows, one day you may meet a once homeless person in years to come, and they know your name and read the book, because of you!
There could be some nice moments I thought because of this.

Please note that I have included postage/packaging/travel expenses within book donation costs.

P.S. Interview with WSVN 7news done my friends lovely flat due to me not having a broadband connection. (Cheers Tracey!)