Access to health care in the developing world

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Access to health care in the developing world
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To provide alternative health care to those that need it the most in the developing world, who dont have access to medical professionals

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In exchange for your donation, we will deliver a non invasive health test to those in need in a poverty stricken environment. Your donation covers the patients test and the expenses to deliver the program. You can choose how many people you want to help.

In the Philippines as well as worldwide, NCDs (principally cardiovascular diseases [CVDs], diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease) are the leading cause of death. These diseases kill over 450,000 Filipinos annually, accounting for 68% of all deaths. Even more worryingly, there is a 29% chance of dying prematurely (between the age of 30 and 70) due to one of these diseases. Most premature deaths are associated with the main avoidable risk factors for NCDs, namely unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol and tobacco use.

Access to healthcare in the developing world:

It has been really difficult seeing some of the poverty and lack of healthcare in different parts of the world, our children are affected the most. 

Living the fast distracted life we are oblivious to how much a small bit of support can turn around someones life.

Rather than walking around in a sharp suit looking from a distance, i have come up with a hands on community project for those who want to help people in need, which can take immediate effect.

Please donate generously or whatever you can! 

Healthcare screening can save someones life and these habits can affect millions of people. 

I know from direct experience as i lost my mum in 2016 as her health screening was overlooked by her doctor, her symptoms of deteriorating-health manifested into cancer as she was left untreated. 

She fell into that grey area, with her doctor not being able to give her a diagnosis and also not falling into a category which provided a general health checkup in the UK, even though there are an overwhelming amount of 'health' options. 

She passed away rapidly after my return from travelling, there were no healthcare intervention's advanced enough at this point that could intervene, it was too late. My family was left clueless and we have mourned for many years, she will never be replaced. I would give anything to have had some extra time with her.

Why are we still struggling with appropriate healthcare?? We are struggling because we havent quite nailed pre screening.

We are providing as a result of this gap in the health market, a necessary health overview.

This is the gift we can give to others. More awareness and a little more support for the cost of a couple mobile phone bills we can save and influence lives.

Together we can make a difference.

We are providing a popup screening stress test clinic that will allow people to be assessed for a possibility of high risk health conditions or underlying symptoms, such as: heart/stroke related diseases, immune system related problems, chronic health conditions, irritable bowel and digestive complaints, diseases related to environmental factors and general deterioration of health.

We can test around 50 people a day, possibly more depending on funding raised. 

The testing process is quick and non invasive (no removal of clothes and no skin to skin contact).

Using our technology we can detect the electrical activity of the heart as well as other markers which in turn will provide a comprehensive health analysis of the person tested. This health analysis will give us indications of degenerative diseases etc.

We will observe the level of risk to health and will refer patients to emergency clinics where necessary. Protocol can be put in place to alleviate these conditions where possible. 

We can provide an evidence based medicine approach that can possibly reduce the level of risk measured by testing within a few hours for patients who are high risk (this may require a retest after the protocol is applied).

If we exceed our funding requirements for this project we will be able to see more patients and provide other health care benefits.

We can reduce the time it takes to be seen by a health care professional and hospitals. 

We can alleviate the burden of cost on the health care system by identifying high risk people in advance of them having to visit the hospital. 

For £100,000 we anticipate we will be able to assess up to 1000 patients, which includes equipment and travel to and from the chosen location, from the UK.

Why This Project:

  • Our overall aim is to alleviate as much as possible healthcare concerns and issues 
  • Provide a sustainable methodology to enable the poorer communities to take control of their health.
  • Ensure people receive adequate food supplements and nutrition for optimal health.

This can slow down the spread of diseases locally and globally.

This is necessary as medical advisors and pharmaceuticals are not always available on a timely basis as most health care systems are under too much pressure.

We are bridging the gap between prevention of medical conditons and the treatment of symptoms which can sometimes be too late for the patient.

The main areas we will be concentrating on are Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar. 

We have partners in place who can facilitate our drop in clinics and will also provide patients to be assessed where funding allows. The feedback can support research and further developments of health care as well as provide training and job opportunities with our network.


Dependant on funding raised (If a sole donor came forward with £100,000 we will focus on an area of their choice). 

If multiple donors of £100,000 come forward we can concentrate on multiple countries and multiple areas.


We invite you to donate whatever you can right now, but we urge you to donate £10,000 if you can :-)


Nik and his team have been working in several developing countries where there are healthcare challenges in the developing world as well as in the UK.

(Below is a picture of Nik with Leaders and influencers representing and challenging ASEAN countries while discussing the impact of global decision making).

Who is Nik Pinnock

Nik Pinnock has over 20 years of health care experience.  He runs private clinics in the UK and internationally that cater specifically for pain management, clinical high-performance conditioning, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation, as well as elite martial arts health research that deals with internal energy and life enhancement.

Using a unique approach Nik is able to combine cutting edge technology and present-day medical research with a combination of west and eastern medicine including:

– Chinese corrective medical hands on therapy (Tuina-Chinese Osteopathy)
– Sports, remedial and pressure point massage
– Heart function checks
– General health diagnostics, treatments and enhancements, life extension
– Acute and chronic dis-ease management
– Immune system, nervous system checks
– Autonomic, nervous system, immune, hormonal, energy, stress checks
– Corrective holistic exercise kinesiology including rehabilitation
– Personal and high-performance training, energy development, strength and power development as well as rapid recovery and regeneration of cells.
– Energy, blood and fluid circulation
– Release of trauma in the nervous system
– Coaching (lifestyle, personal, business)
– Metabolism (Metabolic typing, diet therapy)
– DNA/genetics
– Anti-Aging Cell regeneration (through diet, movement, exercise and supplements)

Most people are too busy to deal with minor issues that may escalate in the future until they have no option but to act. Sometimes unfortunately this can be a little bit too late.

Many of the health issues that people face today are due to poor access to health care, access to a health intervention at the right time, and the effects of stress inducing environments both internal and external. Nik’s goal is to revolutionise the way the world and its people view health by sharing his knowledge and expertise with health professionals and individuals via the use of health assessment technology coupled with artificial intelligence that can speed up the whole diagnostic process. 

Following the consultation process, treatments can be implemented, and the effects of these treatments can be measured to show improvement.

Nik and his team are developing cutting edge health technology. 

Nik has a dynamic team of experts who work closely with him in technology, business strategy and evidence-based medicine with links to a number of universities in the UK and worldwide. 

Some of his clients include heads of states, professional athletes, and leaders from global firms such as Glaxo Smith Kline, IBM, Shell, Pfizer, Saatchi & Saatchi, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, BDO, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Wealth, Deutsche Bank, British Petroleum, Urban Retreats and Soho House.

He has been fortunate in receiving training in a traditional method of healthcare devised thousands of years ago via a lost generation lineage that still stands the test of time. This training is only ever given to one family member in any one generation.

His approach underpins almost every single method of healing to date. He can optimise the performance of an elite athlete as well as support and enhance the life of someone with a chronic disease. In addition, using some of these ancient and modern methodologies Nik is able to offer advice and techniques that can increase, extend and enhance a person’s life.

The benefits of his work include improved digestion, optimal weight loss and gain, building up immune systems, blood circulation and flow, long term pain relief, optimal detoxification and fine tuning of the nervous system and life extension.

Nik can use a number of techniques to identify disharmony in the body and use his expertise, from many years of studying with expert teachers and gurus to come up with solutions that advance and support any prescribed medical treatment approach.

Many of Nik’s proprietary systems are being used by medical doctors around the world, to treat fertility issues, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, digestive system disorders and also in many other specialised areas.

Nik has been trained on a one to one basis with many grandmasters of martial arts.

Many people do not realise that real martial arts training is more than learning self-defence and fight training.

The true purpose of martial arts was primarily devised by the old masters for the preservation of life and life extension.

By extension the martial artists themselves have the added benefits of increasing their own lifespan and wellbeing.

The methodologies taught by the masters has led to techniques, when used with correct practice, that will allow for a practitioner to heal themselves internally and externally.

All funding received will be used solely for this project. 

Full traction and regular updates will be posted by the team on this site, so you can see where your money is going. Please share to your friends and family who may be interest. 

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