Affordable and Sustainable Energy Project

by David Kelly in Ratcliffe On Soar, England, United Kingdom

Affordable and Sustainable Energy Project
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to research, create and build as many types of free and sustainable energy sources and to use and compare them in the long term

by David Kelly in Ratcliffe On Soar, England, United Kingdom

I have been traveling for most of my life and through this I have gained an experienced understanding of the need for cheep and sustainable energy and I have witnesses the impact that can make in people's lives. 

I have been using and researching diffrent energy sources such as solar panals, wind turbines and river turbines and I have found that the results are vary mixed over the long term, my goal is to create a complete system using all forms of potential energy avaliable to offer solutions and affordable options anybody who needs it, I also will be able to offer experienced and first hand advice hopefully through a website and maby a video blog. 

The £1000 goal will be used on materials such as alternators, fan blade materials, waterproofing for a river turbine, solar panels to be wired in different configurations, a wind turbine, a deep cell battrey, a gel battrey and a standerd 12v battrey. 

With these materials I will be able to research the energy consumption and diffrent charge rates, charge my own and others batteries and offer advice and guidance for anyone else wishing to use sustainable energy. 

Thank you to anybody who has looked at this and a big thank you to anybody who donates to this cause. 

Wish me luck and feel free to contact me with any questions about this subject or my future plans or ideas

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