Fredericks Foundation

RCN 1086562, Lightwater

We assist social enterprises and individual entrepreneurs to start or grow their existing business by offering responsible financing solutions and on-going business guidance and support, which can include advice and support from a volunteer mentor.

Fredericks Foundation

Fredericks has provided loans to financially excluded individuals for the last 20 years and have helped and financed 2000+ business start-ups. 

We have recently shifted our attention to providing capital to Charities and Social Enterprises that are focused on helping our traditional customer base. By doing this we believe that we can extend our reach and help more people to live a more financially included life. 

Fredericks provides capital of up to £35,000 using a new and imaginative revenue share model, that is neither a loan or an equity investment. 

Why Revenue Share: Revenue Participation Agreements (RPA) are a type of financial instrument that allow both the investor and investee to share the risk and reward of enterprise more flexibly than debt allows and in situations in which equity financing is not possible. In practice, a RPA is implemented through the sale and purchase of a revenue participation right. This provides the investor with the right to a percentage share in the revenue of the enterprise, not the profit. The amount repaid is proportionate to the revenue, so can decrease when times are hard.