Freakshow Part 3 : Jin and Sam's Big birthdays

Project by Jin
Freakshow Part 3 : Jin and Sam's Big birthdays

To make this final Freakshow the most epic, extraordinary imaginarium, the ultimate summer twisted rinse out we need your support!

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £981 with 57 supporters in 56 days

Strictly private, we are inviting our favourite freaks to the eagerly awaited Freakshow Part 3

Five years since the last Freakshow, a creative collaboration has formed to bring you  Jin's 50th, Sam's 40th Birthday Spectacular !!  

Bringing you the best in live music, DJ's, Walk-abouts, installations, aerial acts, cabaret, and many unexpected surprises.  

In order to fund this event we are asking for a £10 minimum contribution from everyone who attends including us crew. Basically we want to give everyone a night to truly remember without ending up in debt.  

The money raised will go towards paying the farmer, loos, paying acts expenses, communal cook-up, infastructure etc.  An open account of expenditure will be available to all you freaks.

printout/screenshot of your crowdfunder donation will be your ticket. ( technophobes we'll have list on the gate too)

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