Frankie Got the Junk

Frankie Got The Junk is the second short film from French Honey Films, a Devon based production company. The aim of the film is to create awareness of the talented filmmakers living in this forgotten part of the country. Frankie got the Junk is slacker comedy about conformity and video games, think of it as a cross between 'Withnail and I' and 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World'. Our aim is to start a revolution in Devon, so that we can bring the industry to us and show off the incredible talent we have at our disposal. Let the revolution begin.

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'Frankie Got the Junk' is a comedy about drugs, conformity and video games, think of it as the lovechild of 'Withnail and I' and 'Scott Pilgrim Vs the World'. 

Frankie Got The Junk is the second short film by French Honey Films, a Devon based production company.

It is written by Rob Hill and Directed by Joshua Adams.

'Frankie Got The Junk' follows Frankie a mid-twenties telecommunications worker who hates his job. He lives with Jerry, a layabout drug dealer who turned up one day and never left. Then there is Gemma, Frankie's girlfriend, who Frankie feels it is about time to ask her to move in with him. Only problem is, this means getting rid of Jerry first.

Frankie is on his way home from work, he is meeting Jerry at the pub to break the news, but little does Frankie know his life is about to change. After some devastating news that turns his world upside down, is it possible that Jerry might be able to help?.

Cue a chance encounter with one of video games most legendary characters and let's just say things get weird. Waka Waka.

FrenchHoney films aims to bring the film industry to the rolling hills of Devon and showcase the incredible talent that we have to offer. We plan on starting a revolution and gathering together the best of the SouthWest, in order to make this area a place to be revered throughout the British film industry. We have previously made a short film 'Abide With Me' with is currently in the last stages of post-production, The teaser trailer can be found at

Frankie Got The Junk is a no/low budget short film that can only be made due to voluntary crew as well as many crew members being film students, this means we have the support of Plymouth College of Art, who are loaning us the equipment that we need.

We are currently nearing the very end of pre-production with a full cast, locations, finalised script, storyboards and mid February deadline.

The money we are requesting is purely to cover costumes, catering and travel for cast and crew. We are offering great rewards and the opportunity to get involved in the revolution.

So please, pledge, share and show your support!

Thank you for your time.

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