Frank the food truck

To kit out our second hand Luton van as an organic street food truck bringing imaginative food straight from our farm to the city. We'll have a regular pitch in Edinburgh and do the festivals, making Scottish organic food more available and exciting

We did it!

On 13th Dec 2013 we successfully raised £5,170 of £5,000 target with 122 supporters in 28 days

Getting Frank the Food Truck on the road, cooking

Great fresh food, grown slow and served fast - straight from our farm to you in the city.  You can enjoy the very best fresh salads, soups, meat, stews and puddings we can make  - but we need Frank, our truck, to become a fully kitted out organic food truck.

We've got the food - all the beef, pork, lamb and turkey is reared and butchered on the farm.  Much of the vegetables, salad leaves and soft fruit are grown here.  It's all organic - so free from the 284 additives permitted in non organic food and with happier animals - 9 out of 10 pigs prefer to be organic, but there's always one contrary pig.

We've got the chefs - bursting with ideas about what brilliant food they could serve.  

We've got the van - Frank, the ex-crisps van but looking forward to his new life.

We just need the kit - the cooker, fridges, sinks, gas, electric and water supplies - to cook the food for you!  If you can help us buy the kit, we will reward you with food truck vouchers, hampers and meals at the farm.

Frank in the City and on tour - as well as working from a city pitch in Edinburgh, we want to take the van on tour to festivals and events around Scotland.

About Whitmuir the Organic Place - farm, shop, restuarant

Whitmuir is a great wee organic farm just 16 miles south of Edinburgh. We rear all our own beef, pork, lamb and turkey, keeps hens for eggs and grow seasonal vegetables and soft fruit.  All of the meat is butchered on the farm and all the food we grow is sold through our farm shop (one of the best organic retailers in UK), served in our restaurant or delivered straight to your door.

One of our challenges is the fact that the nearest bus stop is 4 miles away at Leadburn - so we need to get our great food to you, in the city, on the street.  Frank is our way of serving you great food, letting you know about the farm - we aim to be one of the first community owned farms in Scotland - and tempting you down to visit.



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