Frank Richards Photography

Frank Richards Photography

New Photography & Software Equipment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, I'm a Photographer (Frank) from the Staffordshire Moorlands, who is looking to update camera equipment, software & a website to be able to take my semi pro photography to the next level. I currently have a part time job as awell as trying to work round putting my name out there with my photography.  I'm also a volunteer photographer at my local railway.

I'm known locally for my photography,  mainly at the local steam railway I photograph for as a volunteer, which is of some use, but with a little help I want to get my self out there, get out of retail and into proper photography ways!

After nearly 50,000 shots and A LOT of miles travelled in the past few year's, my poor camera equipment is at deaths door. The mixture of shooting railway's in all its dirt and grime, landscapes etc mean's its taken its toll. 

With out new equipment due to lack of funds means the camera might have to be put down, as a volunteer at my local railway they rely on 'decent' shots to promote of which I try to provide.

By funding for new equipment it'll help me to create bigger, better, more crisp photography & help with my volunteering photography. By supporting me you will be helping that dream come a little closer of getting my name out there. 

Take a look at my flickr or Facebook: &